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Shinichiro Asano is a penniless high school student who decides to look for a job in order to pay his rent. His teacher suggests that he find work doing housekeeping. While working for the Shimazu family, he meets Sakuya, a beautiful girl who comes off as a bit crude and selfish. But Sakuya is also the 37th head of the Shimazu family and works as an exorcist, capturing and eliminating unwanted creatures. One day, Shinichiro accidentally frees one of these creatures and they must cooperate to recapture it.

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Osmose Feb 24, 2015
Score 3/10

Normally I try to give a show three or four episodes before I give up on it, but I dropped this after the first episode. The premise is kinda interesting, and the art and animation isn't bad, but the fanservice is so excessive that it ruins the show. It was around the point that a demon tiger's lightning attack was fondling the main girl's boobs and rubbing her crotch that I realised the show wasn't worth... read more

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KiritoGuya Feb 25, 2015
Score 3.5/10

I gave this anime a try, and i knew i wouldn't be able to watch it all but i still tried.
The start of the first episode was quite interesting, animation is ok. But the fan service, hohoho, no thanks, it killed the show for me. I think it was near the point that the girl was getting raped by the demon tiger's lightning attack thing, that i just stopped caring, before this happened i said to... read more

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