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Sep 18, 2018

Here’s a convoluted story about time warping/traveling that doesn’t do the trope any justice whatsoever. It tried to be something it couldn't be and that’s pretty disappointing, i dropped this at episode 10 where the 28 year old looking (i dont know if they brought his age up i cant remember) main character bangs the underaged female character (oh wait, shes actually 23? nonetheless she thinks shes still 17 and still looks underaged so its still weird) the story is slow paced but picks up half ways in as if they were like “shit nothings happened we gotta ramp it up and throw in as much shit as possible” and boy did they ever.

So much was happening that me and a lot of other people (thanks comments) were having trouble following along 100% they tried to make it mysterious but failed. They also left some unanswered questions which i dont know if it was intentional for the quote on quote mystery or if they just forgot half way through. EIther way it’s just a hot mess.

It does a nice soundtrack so there’s something good to say about it?  the character design’s were basic, bland and boring too but the background art was pretty nice and overall animation was nice. But regardless this show is nothing more than lolicon bait with some fanservice. With that being said, i think i’d enjoy this show a little bit more if it werent for the loli looking characters and a main character who didn’t look in his late 20s. 

3/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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Sep 16, 2018


     Very happy ending! Had some twists at the ending, unlike other anime you see now a days. The protagonist actually bangs the loli heroine, or should I say she actually banged him *smirk face*. So points for a non beta protagonist. Some questions left unanswered like about him having to do some things to people (it's in ep1, vague for no spoilers), but other than that great drama and romance watch!

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Sep 20, 2018

Potential spoilers ahead


Island is about a man, Setsuna, who washes upon the shore of the island Urashime and claims to have come from the future. Our protagonist Setsuna has lost his memories, but understands he has come with a goal in mind. It's hard for me to define what I feel about the show, I spent the middle part of the series just trying to enjoy it as a slice of life show. Truly the story is a mystery though, and in the end I found it an interesting one. I think my appreciation of the show ultimately will stand a bit higher than the average person's. Whether this is bad taste on my part, or just that something clicked with me, Idk. However, I think Overall the show will at least be okay or average to most, to me however, I give it a 7/10


The story of Island is where things get interesting, but also not so great. First and foremost, the pacing, this show is criminal in that regard, however it's almost a sad inevitability. I honestly believe that this is a series that would have benefitted hugely from either being 2 seasons or 22-24 episodes long. There are times where the pacing works, but others especially in the moments that should be more heartfelt, that it's clearly moving too fast. The most obvious example of where this hurts the show is Never Island. This part of the story should have probably been anywhere from 3 to 5 times it's length. This the thing that truly hurts Island, and that's not to say that the show would have been amazing or anything with that, but it would have been much better.


There are other flaws with the story, several unanswered questions, and things that felt forced. These might be solved if there was more time to explain them, but difficult to say. Despite that, looking back on the story, I kinda like it, which is not something I'd expect to say as I was watching it. The journey doesn't do the destination justice, in this regard I'm very interested in checking out the visual novel. I would wager that the visual novel, just based on this anime, is probably very good, given it's freedom to explore the story as it wishes. Ultimately, I'm mixed on what to say, however, I think the story gets a 4/10 from me. It's the potential that was wasted that hurts the most.


Tag breakdown time, starting with harem 0/10, this show is harem-like but to call give it that tag is misleading. I guess if you get really meta with it, you could argue that it's a harem, but eh. The show is still a mystery to me in many ways, in both good and bad ways, 6/10 at the very least, I feel like I can look back and say, ohh. Romance is a Never Island/10, not because it was wasted potential, but really it's hard really hard to actually say anything about it. On one hand if I say it was good, I'd feel disingenuous, but on the other hand it was the way it was for good reasons. Playing into that though is the drama which was well done, ultimately some side stuff, but also the later parts, 8/10 I actually liked it when it was being serious. Not to say it was being silly, but particularly with Rinne it's different, I describe it better in characters. Amnesia 8/10 he had amnesia, but minus 2 points for regaining memories in flashbacks, gotta keep those memories away if you want full points. I give island 10/10 was definitely on an island, metaphorically and physically (taken out of context I just gave this show a 10/10). Time travel would be a spoiler I feel. Based on a visual novel need I say more? 10/10


Animation was great to me personally, a number of well animated scenes, and the overall style was pleasant to the eyes. I also very much enjoyed the nice summer vibe from the show (as well as the stark cold of Never Island). The way shadows are rendered and the colors used all came together to be one of my favorite anime as far as portraying a summer aesthetic goes. Not much else to say on this really, though I guess I should clarify that animation in my reviews also covers the art and style of the art, as in a show like this that can be just as important if not more so than the animation quality itself. 8/10


The sound in Island is really strong, but not without a couple missteps. The OPs and EDs were all nice, the voice acting was good and fitting to the character's personalities, however not a lot was really happening outside the soundtrack. That in itself was okay, but when things did happen, it always felt out-of-place, such as the gunshots in Never Island. They weren't bad but they were definitely jarring, it's hard to pinpoint exactly why I find this the case but I do. Similarly the scenes of Rinne singing weren't my cup of tea, but that might have been a stylistic choice. Regardless, the sound should have been given depth in my opinion, and actually felt more like it was coming from the character in the scenes. Instead it is played flat like an OP or any other song on the soundtrack. Because of this I give sound a 5/10 for what I liked, there was other things to dislike.


Characters much like story is frustrating, and for similar reasons, however I'm giving them a 7/10 because I want to judge them for what they are, not what they should have been. Let's start with the good though, and who else to start with than our protagonist. Slow clap for this guy, he did what every protagonist does, twice, and even more on top of that. He's actually a pretty likable character in my opinion, I find his silliness fun and appealing. Given how badly protagonists in anime like this can fail, he has come out ahead in the race. On the other side of this equation we have Rinne, and oh man, this character. She's a cute and likable character, but I swear, she causes way too much trouble, and causes too much drama in her world. Thankfully I feel like it's handled well, you really do feel like her issues are disconnected from reality itself, which takes away the potential feelings of annoyance. Which might be symbolic of her character being an anomally, a girl that simply shouldn't exists in the story as she does, disconnected from reality.


First of the side characters, Karen, the resident tsundere of the show. What can I say, at least she's fairly toned down as far as tsunderes go, and she actually has a compelling character arc. In fact, that might have one of the few things that wasn't too rushed and actually carried the weight it should have. I really like her design as well, so that helps I suppose. As for Sara, I find her an adorable character, and she has a great personality. She also has a lot of interest in legends and time travel, overall a bit of a fan of supernatural things. That said, her character arc is a head scratcher, and I'm not sure more time to explore it would have helped or not. Also, they're 16-17 years of age, so legal, everyone can calm down (for) now. Then there is Kuon, who I'm mentioning here only because I think is an awesome character. I honestly can't think of another comic relief character like her that when you look back on you realize the "comic relief" part of that character wasn't very funny actually, and in some ways kinda sad.


Now for the real travesty of the series, again Never Island, where potential goes to die. NI Rinne deserves more, enough said, this character should have been the emotional high point of the series. NI Sara and NI Karen, both were done wrong as well, we should have been so much more invested in these two than we were. Even the other NI characters probably could have been more developed. This part is just frustrating, and the worst is that it seemed like these character's were actually their own characters, they just happened to have the names. Despite this, I did give them the score I did because the characters we interacted with were good. NI should have been more, but it's unfair really to let that define this entire section.


In conclusion, I've learned that sometimes that I can appreciate an anime based on its destination rather than the journey. It's a little messed up, should definitely be the other way around, but I'm unsure of why this is the case. That said, I do think that most people who watch this can get some kind of enjoyment out of it. I've never felt so unsure about something like this though. Anyway, I enjoyed this anime even if I'm confused about my own feelings and the show itself. Never Island should have been amazing by the way, if I didn't get that across.


4/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Dec 14, 2020

Listen, I’m not really into love stories too often but this anime looked intriguing enough to give it a watch and man was I not let down. The story itself is written quite well in a way that keeps you thinking “how the h*ll does that make sense?!” until the last episode which brought everything together in one, slightly rushed, jam packed, book closing episode. This anime sucked me in and held my interest all the way to the finale which almost had me in tears. I applaud the creators for giving an interesting idea a go with some fantastic twists thrown in!

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jul 28, 2019

When I got to the end of this it made my head hurt...

The story for this is pretty unique from what I've watched so far and got really interesting starting about the middle of the series to the end, and like my first sentence says, the ending made my head hurt. It ended well, but it took a while to get there, in other words it started slow. All in all though I did like how it progressed and ended.

Animation style in this one was great. Had some great color contrast and differences. Through a majority of the anime it was bright and happy, then in some episodes it was dark and broody when it needed to be. Through both of those contrasts everything was bold and solid, didn't see any problems with it.

Sound wise everything was pretty good. I like the music in this one, I especially liked the different beginning and ending themes for episodes 8-10, more than the others.

Characters for this one were ok. I mean I liked them and how they progressed through the story. They just weren't fantastic, but they weren't terrible either. Guess it's just one of those stories that has characters that you can't really love or hate.

Overall this was a good one to watch and if you're looking for a love/time traveling/semi mind boggling story then give this one a watch.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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