Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World

Alt title: Isekai Izakaya ~Koto Aitheria no Izakaya Nobu~

TV (24 eps x 15 min)
3.667 out of 5 from 726 votes
Rank #2,509
Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World

On a deserted street somewhere in Kyoto resides a Japanese style pub called “Izakaya Nobu.” But this hole in the wall holds a secret: its entrance is mysteriously linked to another world! Chief Nobuyuki Yazawa and his server, Shinobu Senke, have decided to open up business in this distant and strange land, an ancient city known as “Aitheria.” Palace guards, craftsmen, merchants, noblemen… Nobu’s doors are open for business, welcoming one and all with a cold beer and a warm meal!

Source: Crunchyroll

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Potatoes in Oden image

Episode 1

Potatoes in Oden

Juicy Kara-Age image

Episode 2

Juicy Kara-Age

The Rich Girl and the Impossible Order image

Episode 3

The Rich Girl and the Impossible Order

The First Kaisendon image

Episode 4

The First Kaisendon

Shinobu’s Special Napolitan image

Episode 5

Shinobu’s Special Napolitan

Kiss Day image

Episode 6

Kiss Day

The Burglar image

Episode 7

The Burglar

After Work Tonjiru image

Episode 8

After Work Tonjiru

The Company Commander’s Weakness image

Episode 9

The Company Commander’s Weakness

Uninvited Guests image

Episode 10

Uninvited Guests

A Clash of Masters image

Episode 11

A Clash of Masters

Beauty and the Abura-age image

Episode 12

Beauty and the Abura-age

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Shadowrose96's avatar
Shadowrose96 Jun 2, 2018
Score 6/10

Iskeai Izakaya is a show that presents itself as a typical isekai restaurant anime, however, it's certainly not something that someone would enjoy if they are looking for anime with a long-lasting plot or characters you will become attached to. This is a show purely about Japanese food. If you have ever watched those traveling tv shows where they visit restaurants and food stands in other countries... read more

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