Is this a Zombie? OVA

Alt title: Kore wa Zombie desu ka? OVA

OVA (2 eps x 24 min)
2011 - 2012
3.784 out of 5 from 6,563 votes
Rank #2,310
Is this a Zombie? OVA

Haruna throws a carnival where Eu is the prize. Later, Sera tries her hand at cooking, and Ayumu is repeatedly probed in a very uncomfortable area!

Source: Funimation

(Season 1) Episode 13: Yes, This Is a 1% Miracle

(Season 2) Episode 0: Yes, Thank You for This Encore

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Story/Fanservice: After the Highschool of the Dead OVA, I expected that 95% of comedy(/ecchi) OVA's are fanservice riddled boob fests of fanboobs. With some comedic hijinks thrown in. And bouncing. What does that have to do with this OVA? Everything. It has boobs, comedy, bouncing, adorability, Yuu and fanservice for the ladies. Usually it's half and half but this is like third and thirds. Or something. One's a festival that gets ludicrously hilarious after the prize is announced and gets more twisted, another is about a scroll and more hilarity and the last one is a game of.... cards? Like how someone says a proverb and you have to find the picture that goes with it? It's just an excuse for panty shots. And ass. Hip curves. Which continues to the fan-service after that brain-strain plot stuff. It's everything and then some. Clevage, check. Butt shots, check. Bouncing, check. Man's butt, check. Bone bulge, check. Brain bleach, not check. Glorious shamelessness, check. A man's pride, check. A lot of checks and it doesn't fail to be at a level of comedic perversion, complete with the classic verbal abuse. Basically you got the scenario and then it takes off to entertain, that's what it does and that's what it needs to do, complete with verbal abuse. Everything Else: As per the norm, it's great. It looks good, the eyes look great, the gals look good and the men turn bishie for a moment for a good snide comment. And censorship in a good way. Very good censorship. Not much to say but docking marks for shoving man ass in my face and for all the ero-man's pride bits, as funny as they were. OP's great as usual and same for the EP, voices are great overall but Yuu's voice felt off, not younger sister onee-chan but older. Yeah. Not much apart from that. Development for some (Say what?) and a continuing downward spiral for Ayumu and others. Love the snide comments and remarks against him. Overall: This entertains, simple as that. It gets so stupid that it's absurdly funny and it works. I went in expecting funny shinnanegans that are past stupid and I got just that and more man-service than I ever wished for. Uncool but funny. But seriously; that first part was horrifying and funny.

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