Is this a Zombie?

Alt title: Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

TV (12 eps)
4.033 out of 5 from 25,539 votes
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Ayumu was murdered by a serial killer – at least, he was. For after the mysterious Eucliwood Hellscythe revives him, he changes from a human to a zombie, much to his dismay. Now, in addition to being unable to die, the boy must see to the whims of his supernatural, silent companion – but things continue to get worse from there. As once Ayumu accidentally steals a magical girl named Haruna's powers, he is tasked with the embarrassing, obnoxious task of being a magical girl – err, boy – in her stead! Then with the addition of a hostile vampire ninja to his household, can Ayumu manage to maintain his new home life, fight against attacking monsters, and track down the person who killed him all while attempting to keep what little dignity he has left in tact?

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Warning this review may contain spoilers- Yet another ecchi anime added to my list but I have to admin Kore wa Zombie desu ka? is probably the only ecchi so far that I actually enjoyed quite a bit compared to some of the other ecchi animes I have seen this actually made me laugh and had a slightly better story (I said slightly). So anyway the story was very enjoyable and like I mentioned the comedy bits actually made me laugh. Even though there was common ecchi moments, I actually thought this was one of the best ecchi/fantasy animes I have seen. The animation was just about perfect, the style of art is perfect for the anime! The character designs are really detailed and the opening animation was amazing. (That is all on this section). The music was very addictive, the opening caught my eye just about instantly and I found by the end of the series that this is probably the first time I haven't skipped through the opening (not including re-watches). The ending was cute and sweet, the insert songs were perfect for the scenes it was played in. The characters are very likeable and you can easily feel sympathetic for them in certain parts in the story (I felt for EU the most probably). However, most of the characters needed to be developed more but I also liked the mystery in some of the characters past but I guess they get developed more in the second series. So again another short review nearly done, to finish up I loved just about all of it, I found that it was cleverly put together and the end of the arc was pretty much summed up except a few unanswered questions. I am looking forward to series for now I will leave you with this- ~AngelBeatsYui~


Perhaps an 8 is a bit high for this show, but it surprised me. I was really expecting something stupid and ridiculous. It sure as hec didn't sound like it would be too good but I had nothing better to watch.  Don't get me wrong, it is a bit ridiculous and very perverted, but not in the tasteless way that some things are. Some of it is even funny. There is quite a bit of action and a bit of drama thrown in too.  The story is about a guy in highschool who was killed and brought back by a necromancer as a zombie. At first, his main purpose is to find the serial killer who killed him, but he ends up meeting some even stranger friends and fighting to keep them happy. The purpose to settle the score with the killer is still in the background, but it's not really the main issue. He lives with the necromancer, a vampire ninja, and a magic garment girl. He also ends up becoming a garment girl which means hello guy in a dress.   I have to say, I was a bit surprised how they chose to do the zombie thing and I think it was well done. He isn't mindless or moaning, in fact, he looks like a normal human, unless he gets too much sunlight. He doesn't do well in sunlight (and yet the vampires in the story have absolutely no issue with sunlight). If he is in the sun for too long, he starts to get dried up. He tries to live a normal teenage life, going to school, hanging out with friends, etc. On the upside, he can't die. The characters are decently developed and the relationships between them do progress. Each character is unique and although they can be somewhat predictable, they are interesting to watch. I also wouldn't consider them the common set of steryotypical characters you often run in to, although I suppose that would depend on what you normally watch.  Even if this anime doesn't sound like something you would normally go for, I suggest giving it a try. You might be pleasently surprised like I was.

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