Is this a Zombie?

Alt title: Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

TV (12 eps)
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Ayumu was murdered by a serial killer – at least, he was. For after the mysterious Eucliwood Hellscythe revives him, he changes from a human to a zombie, much to his dismay. Now, in addition to being unable to die, the boy must see to the whims of his supernatural, silent companion – but things continue to get worse from there. As once Ayumu accidentally steals a magical girl named Haruna's powers, he is tasked with the embarrassing, obnoxious task of being a magical girl – err, boy – in her stead! Then with the addition of a hostile vampire ninja to his household, can Ayumu manage to maintain his new home life, fight against attacking monsters, and track down the person who killed him all while attempting to keep what little dignity he has left in tact?

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Warning this review may contain spoilers- Yet another ecchi anime added to my list but I have to admin Kore wa Zombie desu ka? is probably the only ecchi so far that I actually enjoyed quite a bit compared to some of the other ecchi animes I have seen this actually made me laugh and had a slightly better story (I said slightly). So anyway the story was very enjoyable and like I mentioned the comedy bits actually made me laugh. Even though there was common ecchi moments, I actually thought this was one of the best ecchi/fantasy animes I have seen. The animation was just about perfect, the style of art is perfect for the anime! The character designs are really detailed and the opening animation was amazing. (That is all on this section). The music was very addictive, the opening caught my eye just about instantly and I found by the end of the series that this is probably the first time I haven't skipped through the opening (not including re-watches). The ending was cute and sweet, the insert songs were perfect for the scenes it was played in. The characters are very likeable and you can easily feel sympathetic for them in certain parts in the story (I felt for EU the most probably). However, most of the characters needed to be developed more but I also liked the mystery in some of the characters past but I guess they get developed more in the second series. So again another short review nearly done, to finish up I loved just about all of it, I found that it was cleverly put together and the end of the arc was pretty much summed up except a few unanswered questions. I am looking forward to series for now I will leave you with this- ~AngelBeatsYui~


this show is a mess , it started ok , but then spiraled down to forgetable , but i guess i should have expected as much from studio deen , why are these people not bankrupt and manglobe is ? astonishing but none the less i should probably explain why i rated this so low story , the story had a decently strong start ,our main charcter who is now a zombie or an imortal being not a zombie and he wishes to find a cerial killer , aka the one who killed him witch i would do to , now for all you moral high ground people , think of the last time some one hit you or pushed you , you got angry for a split second , so ifsome oen murdered you , you would wanna kill them back , and i liked that about the begging , but the paceing every thing is so inconsistant , one episode can have 100000 things happen then the next could be filler and it really was annoying , but they could have made this pretty emotional a boy wants to kill his killer , this situation could have been emotional and im sure for some people it was but for me it lacked something , im not sure what but it just lacked it , BUT ANYWAYS thats only about half the show , that arcs over in like 5-6 episodesand then we get into some filler then ANOTHER ZOMBIE and hes cooler , more powerful and has one wish and that is to die , i felt more empathy for this villian than the main charcter. after a fight and our main zombie wins spouting some nonsence about how eu dosentlike to kill people and stuff and such ...........she kills him any ways even thouth ayamu fought so she didnt have to and well this was a mess of an episode OH also she spoke witch previously was said she cant or else she is in lots of pain  , the fight was meh , i seen it in an amv and it without context was better with context animation: the animation was decent when it needeed to be but other than the bright vibrant colours the animation was pretty average , but thats deen for ya , the fluency was meh and the speed was meh and the fight scense were meh nothing stood out as bad or good sound: the music was ok , besides the openeing and ending i hardly noticed it , and i watched the dub and before you get all " you watched it in english your opnion is invalid " 1 shut up weeb 2 i had the jappanese subs on and the english dialog is much better , this show clearly dosent take itself seriously so why was the jappanese so formal ? im asumeing this has more to do with dialect than anything but still the dubs dialog was better , cant judge the acting though ,, although the dub felt pretty weak considering it was done by funimation Characters: BOREING , cared for none of them excecpt for the villian " zombie" who basicly made to look like a villian even though his request was not unreasonable , and this one random girl who was allways in the background but i thought she was kinda cute and wanted her to join the main cast AND i sadly got my wish , SHE became a part of the harem at the very end sequence , even thought it was hinted at earlier , also all the main girls are stupid , all of them forget that ayamu is imortal and he keeps reminding them and himself it seems BUT NOPE they constanly worry about him even though he cant die , and then when hes ok they will beat the shit out of him for being a "perv" sound fammiliar ? it should its basicly half the anime ever made in conclusion this anime had no pride or passion put into it , it was not funny or emotional even though it could have been both , it did give us the first male magical girl at least , it could have been .........better , not good but better , if the emotion was there (this could have been the dubs fault) but with this anime i feel like it wasnt the facial expressions never really went "emotional" nor do i think i would care because of how por the characters are , most of the funny moments witch are few are the only enjoyment i got out of it and it was because of the dub , reading just isnt funny 


Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and senile, but it seems that the more anime I watch, the less sense they seem to make. You could imagine my confusion when I started watching Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? "Why is the zombie weak to sunlight but not the vampire? Why the hell is he in a pink frilly dress? Why is that monster a giant lobster?" In exasperation, I put these questions to a good friend, and I found that his reply turn out to be a very apt one-sentence summary for my review. He said to me: "I dunno lol, who cares? It's fucking hilarious!" Everything in Kore wa Zombie Desu ka, from story to character to humor, is based on complete outrageousness. I hesitate to call Kore wa Zombie~ an original anime, because it's seems that Kore wa Zombie~'s idea of originality is to take as many ideas as possible, exaggerate them to the absolute maximum limit of the imagination, and then cram them together into a single, epic anime. So exactly is it that I mean when I say outrageousness? Let's pretend that there are 2 'idea guys' who started working on the story for this, whom I will dub them Jim and Bob. (Warning, minor spoilers) "Here's an idea!" says Jim. "Let's make the main protagonist a zombie." "Great idea!" replies Bob. "We'll have an utterly immortal zombie who constantly gets humorously dismembered, baked like a potato chip when he stands in the sun, and receives magical powers that turns him into a pink cross-dressing/chainsaw wielding mas(h)ou shoujo(nen)." "Awesome," nods Jim with approval, "and since this is a harem, we need at least one tsundere character." "Of course," replies Bob again, "we'll have a pseudo-sadistic tsun~ ninja girl with a ridiculously named fighting technique that uses cellulose (leaves), cooks up acid pots, and plays the violin in a maid orchestra." "Let's make her a vampire as well." adds Jim. "Why the heck not," laughs Bob, giving Jim a high-five. ... and you get the idea. What is most surprising about Kore wa Zombie~ despite having so many wild concepts crammed in, it somehow still manages to tie it all into a very neat comical package. Normally you'd expect something so slapstick-heavy to comprise it's plot and characters, but Kore wa Zombie~ manages to seamlessly incorporate all it's content into an (almost) coherent and flowing story. The characters in Kore wa Zombie~ are all, well, ridiculous. I mean one of them literally has like, 10 different voice actors. And she doesn't talk! (try getting your head around that one). Needless to say, all the characters are very 'interesting' and their backstories relatively well thought out and presented. There is the exception of the protagonist's human friend cuz, he's well... y'know, normal. Kore wa Zombie~ is a harem of course, so there is the usual male lead and his entourage of female companions. What is great though is that unlike many harem (to Love-Ru for instance) that focuses on the protagonist's perverse interactions with the females, Kore wa Zombie~ instead chooses to emphasize building the relationship between the male lead and his companions, which I thought was a nice change of pace. I wouldn't exactly call Kore wa Zombie's story solid, the plot itself isn't exactly complex; there are various backstories which were left untouched and minor plot hole issues. As far as harem-type story goes however, Kore wa Zombie's plot is definitely up there in with the rest. The interesting aspect of Kore wa Zombie~'s story isn't WHAT is happening, but HOW it's happening, and I found that with Kore wa Zombie~’s almost surrealistic approach, I was caring about the actual plot a lot less that I normally would have, because I was too distracted that ridiculously hilarious thing that just happened. Another thing is the art. While Kore wa Kore~'s animation quality is nothing too spectacular, the action scenes are unique in that they contain a very interesting combination of a dark tone, spectacle, gore, and an excess of pink. Yeah don't think too hard on that one. The OP is also surprisingly well done, and it almost makes me sad that they couldn't maintain the same level of quality throughout the entire episode. The only gripe I have with this anime is due to it's comical nature, there are various moments when supposedly serious scenes are ruined because they took the humor a little bit too far. To give one example (spoiler alert), in the final moments of the main antagonist's death, as he lies dying in the arms of his necromancer, he looks into her eyes in a touching scene, and he says: "If I die, make me a penguin." Hahaha... No wait. Seriously? This really isn't a major issue, but I was disappointed in the show slight deficiency in real consequential, solemn scenes which didn't involve some sort of joke tacked on the end. It made the anime feel a little bit one sided and narrow, and prevented me from giving it a higher score. One thing to mention though. They actually bothered air another episode after the 'big climatic battle'. I literally can't count the number of times I've watched anime that seemed to think that a 3 minute epilogue was sufficient in ending the story after the big boss goes down. Kore wa Zombie~ actually took the effort to give some rarely found closure to the story. Thank god. Kore wa Zombie~ is a rather unique anime, perhaps something you'd expect if you crossed J.C. Staff with SHAFT. It definitely won't win any awards and it's not exactly thought provoking, but it easily makes up for it in sheer ridiculousness and outrage. So why should you watch Kore wa Zombie desu ka? I dunno lol, who cares? It's fucking hilarious!

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