Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV

Alt title: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka IV: Familia Myth

TV (11 eps)
4.154 out of 5 from 1,495 votes
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okay so finally another season ends and im not suire if its on par or much worse than laster season i looked back on the older reviews to see how this one stacks up and it depends on if you like the above ground wanabe politics or the glorified spelunking in the dungeon. becasue frankly the animation,sound, and characters are the same as the 3rd season and the story isnt exactly a story its just a "hey lets all go to the nether today" kind of ordeal(im still not sure if ill continue the minecraft bit). that being said it is already confirmed another at least 10 episodes this winter season(which feels strange since they are separated). so id say give it the ole 3/4 shot and honestly if you leaning on not continuing the show id say give this season a shot im honestly hoiping its the last one. heres a quick spoiler free review of the story if you need a little push to either side as i said everything but the story is the same although some more Clay CGI does pop up the animation isnt good enough compared to others to give it a decent score.  now the story, they take forever to go to the dungeon(again) for some big expidition which i forgot before the 4th episode. Also some very obvious redflags and foreshadowing happen throughout the first half and then boom shit hits the fan and then the season ends. not exactly a thrilling story like last season but also not as much garbage cliches either and certainly alot less fanservice. but still very annoying troupes and cliches, like banshee screaming, the same flashbacks every 5 seconds if thats your shounen cup of tea then go right ahead a drink. Otherwise just bite the bullet and wait until the season finished in a december. becasue there is still ZERO MENTIONS of bells potential demi godhood or that prophecy of a devil dragon in the mountains (i think...). only few things from last seasons story was the minotaur and bell bitching about that for the first few episodes, almost nothing about the sentient monsters or any consequences from it either ecery season has been a damn near reset of the last. STILL the biggest problem with danmachi is that every half season is "what kind of random ass story is going to be thrown our way that we will prompltly forget this time " i leave the rest for those who choose to wander into spoiler territory so whatyever you watch yet hope you enjoy it thanks for the read and have a good one! okay spoiler time first off i have to say if more jesus t posing and i will continue to put ballon tits and kazuma  here when ever its done more than 3 time and/or longer than 30 seconds                                                               yeah that troupe/cliche has got to be top 5 most annoying. also goddamn these people have more blood than a freaking elephant, severed limbs, lacerated skin, im assuming punctured lungs with the mouth bleeding , am i nit picking? mostly becasue a dude walks around ill be generous and say a solid 5 minutes with a severed limb and they just get over it pretty quick. also they gave this monster thing the full counter thing from 7DS. which this dragon thing may be the devil draon from season 2??? but it deosnt look like it from the image in S2 nor is it in the mountains hence my earlier confusion. also this season ive just generally become numb even if the characters die they can ignore the macguffin and let them die for     actually add some mortality to the same 6-8  characters weve seen since season 1 or we use the macguffin of mermaid blood or tears or fluids... they didnt really clarify and nullify the whole thing which im sure theyll do neither and theyll still have a happy ending. finally that snake at the end was dead right shouldnt it have burst into the gem stone..... regardless fingers crossed this is the last season offically becasue holy cow this is looking like the last one for me. although i may be in the minority here becase theres no way that people think this show is better than, angel beats, whisper of the heart, fireforce, the beyond the boundry final movie, kobayashi or any ghibli film thats somehow lower than this i rest my case but hey if you made it this far thanks for the read and have a good one!                                                           

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