IRODUKU: The World in Colors

Alt title: Iroduku Sekai no Ashita kara

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2018
3.892 out of 5 from 4,677 votes
Rank #1,512

In a world in the future where magic is still a part of everyday life, 17-year-old Hitomi Tsukishiro, a descendant of a family of mages, lost the ability to see colors when young and has grown up into a girl devoid of emotion. Concerned for her future, Hitomi's grandmother Kohaku decides to send her back through time to the year 2018, where she discovers a world where vivid colors spring forth.

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At first, I was taken aback by the quality of the animation, the contrast and the plot. Time travel! Drama! Magic! Meh, it was really a letdown. The animation was actually poor in many scenes, the story was poorly executed, and mainly, Hitomi and Aoi are autistic. "grew up lacking emoction", but she grieves for her dead mother....  I just love how the show which I most anticipated, turned out this worse, or maybe it happened that way because i expected too much. Of course, i would expect a well made steak in a 5 star restaurant, not a 1 dollar cup noodle. It turned out so much worse that I actually am writing this review while I am supposed to be studying for my exam tomorrow. This anime was supposed to make me cry? Yes indeed the last episode was kinda emotional, but there was almost no connection between Hitomi and the other characters from the past. Here is why, Hitomi was acting like the edgy autistic kid, so that all the characters will care her like a baby. Hell even Aoi is the same. At the first glance one can tell who is going to end up with who. That's as easy as playing chess with a kindergarten kid. The chain holding all the characters was not that tight, thus the break of the chain in the last episode didn't have much impact as everyone expected. Of course one can cry by just watching the last episode only without knowing what is happening or the plot. It's that disconnected. Many people may enjoy this show,and watch  just for the last episode. Its like "I can't understand English, but I watch fast and furious because i like cars!" TL:DR, The buildup for the last episode was poorly done. And this whole love thing also made me think that my high school life was actually not that bad. There is like this love triangles or squares, except that Hitomi and Aoi are alien to love, as if they are on a whole different world than others, that's how edgy they were. Finally, this is just my opinion, and many people aside me enjoyed this show, so I reccomend you read other reviews too, and decide it yourself. If you are new to emotional drama shows then this can make you cry, but if you are a vertan, then you will find many flaws from this show which will ruin the watch.

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