Inuyashiki: Last Hero

Alt title: Inuyashiki

TV (11 eps)
Fall 2017
3.928 out of 5 from 10,450 votes
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Inuyashiki: Last Hero

Ichirou Inuyashiki is a compassionate man who always tries to help others, but his family doesn't appreciate him, and at 58 years old, Ichirou is distraught to learn that he's dying of cancer. In the same city lives Hiro Shishigami, a high-schooler whose personality is quite the opposite. He is cherished by his family, but Hiro is dissatisfied with life and reserves his limited compassion for the very few people he cares about. One night, an alien light hits the earth and both people are killed. They are restored by the extraterrestrials and given awesome new abilities, but how they each use their new powers are vastly different...

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Story 10/10 The story is quite unique, I certainly enjoyed it. Some seem to think that this is your generic good vs evil plot, and so they denigrate the anime. The show actually has more depth than that, it intentionally explores the concept of good vs evil in a philosophical way. The story likes to bend certain certain writing rules, and it does it greatly. Despite the story being fictious, it somehow keeps it real and grounded into reality, where things don't always go your way. This degree of realism and the psychological elements of the show can make it hard to watch for the faint of hearts. The story is quick paced and it doesn't waste your time with slice of life. It only shows the parts that matter and as far as I know, there's no plothole of any kind. The story is a solid 10. Animation 10/10 A lot of effort has been put into the animation, this is not some cheap anime, I imagine that a lot of money has been put into this. From time to time you'll see CGI, I don't particularly fancy CGI in anime but it doesn't get in the way and it's smooth enough. Sound 7/10 There's not much to say about it, as there's nothing special about the sound in this anime. And in all honesty, it doesn't need to be special, it's good enough the way it is. Although, admittedly, they could have spiced it up a bit. Characters 10/10 The show explores the complexity of human personalities, relationships and emotions. There's no "something-dere" character in this show. All of the characters are realistic (and pessimistic). The character progression is real and quite satisfying. Overall 9/10 If you're looking for an anime to escape from your real world problems, this won't do. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a good plot, but know that this is no "feel good" anime where everything is bright and shine.


*some spoilers ahead* Inuyashiki is a gloriously strange beast. It’s as tactless as it is hopeful, and about as schlocky as it is earnest. It’s this strange series trying to embody the best, worst, and moral greys of humanity while only working some of the time and falling gloriously on its face more often. It has commentaries on people and media, and so much more as well which it can only barely pull off sensibly at the best of times. Often contrived, stupid, and downright extra about everything, Inuyashiki has become the schlock beast I had hoped for while shooting for something more. This is a story about what two polar opposites would do if they became robo gods, and what people would speculate about them as a result. Apart from the unease on whether certain tertiary characters are about to die, probably the most solidly handled part of this show is how the Japanese citizens would often speculate on what our RoboGramp, Inuyashiki, and Teen-1000 Hiro are doing. They can shoot people essentially by pointing at them without there being any projectiles (seeing them through digital screens can work), they can hack all kinds of technology, use telekinesis on vehicles, fly, shoot laser beams that sometimes explode and sometimes don’t, heal people, resurrect the dead, a lot of shit, really. They’re even impervious to bullets despite the first few episodes establishing that bullet or baseball bat head trauma can still knock out RoboGramp. Yeah, inconsistency is a bitch in this show.  At one point, Inuyashiki focuses on saving one plane cuz he can’t concentrate on saving the myriad of other planes that are also falling, but suddenly after saving the first one, the rest are all right behind it and perfectly safe. Later in the episode, he has to resurrect his daughter and then cries for four straight minutes because he just can’t, despite the fact that he resurrected someone from the dead in the fourth episode and that Hiro did it to two people at once in the eighth episode. Then, he saves his daughter’s friend in four seconds. This is worse than the show’s pacing which feels a bit cramped every now and then, and the show’s insistence on giving the MC an over the top trauma conga line for the first 11 minutes. Hell, it’s worse than how comically apathetic and evil a lot of the denizens in this town are. It’s even worse than how Hiro was barely fazed by Ando ending their friendship over all of the killing Hiro’s done, yet is heartbroken when at the end, he gets chewed out again by him. There’s more to unpack regarding this particular issue, but you get the point. This brings us to how damn extra the show is. We see in graphic detail how Hiro murders and tortures an entire family, including shooting the mother and then continuing to shoot her corpse, and shooting a dad protecting his kid in the full bathtub, causing his corpse to weigh down on top of the kid and drown him in bloody water. Episode 4 also introduces this rapist yakuza member who fucks, kills, and ODs people. The show later showed Trump being an ass because between this and a moment where the show almost pulls a 9/11, they really wanted gaudy parallels to real-world events/tragedies. I’d almost hate it for being as tactless as humanly possible if it wasn’t so ridiculous. I remind you now that the show wants to be taken seriously, between all of this and the CG action scenes involving RoboGramp and/or Teen-1000.  The final episode is also a load of horseshit. You’re seriously telling me that Hiro’s self-destruction that can obliterate the Earth barely did a thing to the asteroid that was threatening all life on it, making his big self-sacrifice after everything he did be completely meaningless? Clearly, they needed some way to contrive our robo gods out of the story forever because we can’t have nice things! I know they wanted some way to get these things across so that’s why they introduced a meteor in episode 8 and then never spoke of it again until now but come on! I know the writing is so damn transparent with shit like the sappy lead-up to the finale or Hiro conveniently turning good twice before his mother commits suicide and two people that shelter him get gunned down --he heals them like two minutes later anyway so what the fuck-- respectively, but COME ON!  I fucking hate anime sometimes, I swear. Just let me have nice things, dammit. Can’t even keep one anime gloriously bad from beginning to end. It has to really piss me off or bore me at some point. First Big Order, then Master of Ragnarok, now Inuyashiki.  Let’s get back on track here by talking about the music, which I doubt there’s much of in this show. There’s the OP, “My Hero” by MAN WITH A MISSION, which is an epic banger, and the decent ED meant to soothe after each episode concludes. Then the only track of note is this one piano track. They reuse this track so many times, it’s insane. In episode 7 alone, they played it three times. Say what you will about the likes of Berserk 1997 and its small track pool; at least it didn’t use the same track three or more times in an episode. There are other emotional tracks and whatnot too, and they’re decent. It’s just that the show doesn’t play them 50 times like with that one piano track so that one, as well as this one calming guitar track that plays constantly throughout the show and episode 9 in particular, both dwarf the rest in terms of relevance. The production values are so dismal that this is easily the worst-looking MAPPA production I’ve witnessed. The titular protagonist himself looks so inconsistently drawn and modeled, even more so than everyone else who often either looks ugly or is drawn so inconsistently it almost feels intentional. The art style itself isn’t necessarily bad, but it clearly doesn’t benefit every character in terms of looks or even detail. There’s barely any 2D animation to speak of and when there is, it’s nothing special. The most animation we get from anything 2D is when a character is spinning in midair because Inuyashiki BTFOs them so hard they turn into SpinZaku from Code Geass before falling back down. Speaking of inconsistencies, several character models, particularly Inuyashiki, Hiro, and the dog, spontaneously turn 3D for no reason, even before our main leads turn into RoboGramp and Teen-1000. It makes sense when they’re about to reveal their robot parts to do robot things like fly around and shoot people, but not when they’re just eating alongside their 2D peers. You’ll be seeing this almost as much as you’ll be seeing PS2 CGI in this show, as it’s everywhere. So many character models and environments have them and sometimes it feels like they just made a 3D engine for this show and animated 2D models on top of it. Whenever CG is involved, there’s a good chance that the frame rate will become one of the many, many, many casualties in this show. The last thing I will say is that sometimes shots don’t flow together thanks to characters being in one position in one moment and then a completely different one the next, or when in the exact same scene, it goes from Hiro and Inuyashiki fighting at dusk to fighting late at night. There may be some decent shots here and there, but based on everything mentioned here, it’s safe to say the directing in this anime isn’t exactly great. Also, the characters exist too. Mari has a manga subplot that gets randomly introduced in episode 8 without any prior hints or foreshadowing in previous episodes because the show wants to focus on her now so her temporary death in episode 10 can manipulate the audience’s emotions. Inuyashiki just constantly whines about morality and people dying without there being any concrete character to him beyond “the world beat him down before he became RoboGramp” and “he can’t always save people” (bullshit). Ando gets this whole moral dilemma about ending his friendship with Hiro and trying to report him, yet we get nothing on how he feels about Hiro’s mom committing suicide after Hiro gets exposed and everyone harasses her. Apart from Teen-1000 Hiro, who goes so far past the moral event horizon that the idea of them trying to humanize him midway into the story is as laughable as his over the top killing sprees, there are guys like the aforementioned rapist yakuza member. That’s about it in terms of memorable characters. There’s a lot of entertainment to be had here, regardless of whether you cherish this show’s endeavors or its ridiculous, often meme-tier nature. Just...pretend the ending wasn’t a thing so you can say the show was a ridiculous ride from start to finish. Even then, the finale still had laughable moments like the dog tripping down the stairs because it and everyone else in the family knew Inuyashiki was rushing to his death and wanted to stop him. Frankly, I can see why some find the show extreme but resonant, and why some find it repulsive. I just think it’s too ridiculous to be taken seriously most of the time. To think, this came out on my birthday in Japan and I watched the 9th episode --which damn near pulled a 9/11-- on 9/11. Both of these things were purely incidental; I just thought you should know these things because if this show doesn’t care about being weird and audacious, then neither will I! Written and Edited by: CodeBlazeFate  Proofread by: Peregrine 

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