Inuyashiki: Last Hero

Alt title: Inuyashiki

TV (11 eps)
Fall 2017
4.153 out of 5 from 5,941 votes
Rank #843
Inuyashiki: Last Hero

Ichirou Inuyashiki is a compassionate man who always tries to help others, but his family doesn't appreciate him, and at 58 years old, Ichirou is distraught to learn that he's dying of cancer. In the same city lives Hiro Shishigami, a high-schooler whose personality is quite the opposite. He is cherished by his family, but Hiro is dissatisfied with life and reserves his limited compassion for the very few people he cares about. One night, an alien light hits the earth and both people are killed. They are restored by the extraterrestrials and given awesome new abilities, but how they each use their new powers are vastly different...

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SunlightCoat's avatar
SunlightCoat Dec 21, 2017
Score 9/10

Story 10/10 The story is quite unique, I certainly enjoyed it. Some seem to think that this is your generic good vs evil plot, and so they denigrate the anime. The show actually has more depth than that, it intentionally explores the concept of good vs evil in a philosophical way. The story likes to bend certain certain writing rules, and it does it greatly. Despite the story being fictious, it somehow... read more

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haize78 Dec 29, 2017
Score 3.5/10

I do not recommend this anime. I didn't like it, I found the story predictable and absolutely lacking depth, with very poor character development. I didn't like the animation and character designs either. It started off mildly interesting as the protagnist is certainly different from your usual anime main character in that he's a 58 year old man who seems a lot older than his actual age and sees himself - and... read more

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