InuYasha The Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler

Alt title: InuYasha Movie 3: Tenka Hadou no Ken

Movie (1 ep x 99 min)
4.057 out of 5 from 12,850 votes
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Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru’s father was a powerful demon who used three swords of great power. While Inuyasha swings the Tetsusaiga to protect his friends, Sesshoumaru carries the Tensaiga and has the ability to save souls, leaving the inheritance of the powerful possessed sword Sou’unga undecided. After laying dormant for 700 years, the seal has broken and it has found its way into Inuyasha’s hands. Determined to claim the sword, Sesshoumaru sets out to find it. Can Inuyasha master Sou’unga and hold back Sesshoumaru, or will the evil spirit of the blade be his master?

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This is the third Inu Yasha movie, taking place after the hero has learned the diamond shard technique. Although still a filler movie, it is offering lots of canon information that was never used in the main series but is otherwise not contradicting anything either. So it is a sort of a must-watch to anyone interested into the past of Inu Yasha and his family, as we see the last moments of his parents and how the third powerful sword his father was using was taken over by the hatred of a mortal who was in love with his wife. In the present, that is more than enough for both Inu Yasha and his brother fighting both the sword’s demonic powers, as well as each other to see who gets to wield it. The emotional engagement is simply great, as the whole conflict is based on twisted love and not the usual megalomaniac villains who want to take over the world. For once Inu Yasha’s dark side is not used just for the sake of cheesy drama but as true reason to become a full demon. Plus this movie has by far the largest amount of action you can find in the whole franchise. It literally raises hell itself and the affected areas turn to a thing of horrors. Combined with far better production values than the tv series, you get a more than good action/drama movie. The ending though is kind of a cop-out and ruins the otherwise interesting build-up. It was more than obvious what would the solution be to the problem. But whatever, those who are fans will appreciate the fleshing out of the protagonist, while those who are not will get kicks out of the epic level fights.


Foreword: This was based on the main story and details that were not addressed in the anime. This movie also deals partly with the past and also with Inuyasha's parents, which was largely neglected in the actual series. Subtext: In terms of implementation, this is undoubtedly the best of the 4 Inuyasha films. From the plot, as mentioned, he takes up topics that the anime per se accounted for. Has an action based on the anime and was also passably implemented with a proper introduction. Genre: [Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Historical Romance Shounen Superpower]Adventure: You can't hold onto this genre very much, because like every other movie is mainly based on "action" and adventure falls behind a lot.Comedy: Was not available and was therefore not implemented.Drama: Regarding the background plot, we can speak of drama here.Fantasy: Leaned on the anime and was not inferior to it.Historical: Was not available compared to the anime and was therefore not expanded.Romance: Had a very slight presence, but it stayed that way.Shounen & Superpower: were implemented excellently and even surpassed the anime itself, especially in combination with the animations. Story: From the description one could see that the plot is about a special "sword". And that was basically the real theme of this movie. In addition one has seen some of Inuyasha's parents and also something from the events of "back then", but basically only the sword remained. The implementation itself was neat compared to the other three movies and promised potential. Even though the movie was getting weaker towards the end, it had a very decent strength, which you cannot complain about. In conclusion, the plot of this movie had been implemented properly, even if it was not particularly grand. Animation / pictures: The animations here were the icing on the cake. After the 4nd movie I noticed that the animations had actually increased from movie to movie. Even if the following movie put a tooth on it, the animations here were very good compared to the anime. Characters: Some (not all) characters have already been discussed here, especially with reference to Inuyasha's parents. But this was only partly so, the rest of the work dealt with pure action again, which meant that nothing new was added. The opponent was also not very mature, so there is nothing left to say. Music: There were no changes to the music, the same soundtracks. In terms of timing, these were also placed quite properly. My conclusion to InuYasha: Tenka Hadou no Ken There is no doubt that this movie performed best among the 4. Although I was a little disappointed that this had waned more and more from the middle section, it had an even better start.

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