InuYasha: The Final Act

Alt title: Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen

InuYasha: The Final Act Episode 57 - The Cold Blooded Empire - Part Two

Tiny, learning of Tetsuro's trouble from his girlfriend Rayde, asks her to give a message to him. Rayde rescues Tetsuro in Tiny's place and forwards the message. Tiny's message says "You're awfully polite considering we're friends." Tetsuro, unwilling to never see Tiny again, sets off to see him once again.

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brighttulip brighttulip says

both are girls are from the modern world thrust into the past and take on the role of a priestess . They both have a strong storie and a wounderfull romance to suport it.

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Kamisama Kiss

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FayeCki FayeCki says

After watching InuYasha I wanted to watch more anime similar to it. This anime (in my point of view) kind of continues on the anime in another way. Really is a good anime to watch 

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Halex Halex says

Although the Plot is way different, the characters are not, as both are created by the same author, "Rumiko Takahashi" and she kind of re-use some of the same character designs and personalities:

Ranma = InuYasha

Akane = Kagome

Ukyo = Sango

Ryoga = Koga

Both have the same feel for the interactions with the characters and although Ranma is more comical, you can see it as a stepping stone for what would become InuYasha.