InuYasha: The Final Act

Alt title: Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen


Best Animes From 2000by Halex

I only included the animes I have watched from over these years. I'm not including Sequels when quality declines or when the story started in previous years. I am including Sequels where it makes sense to keep watching, in order...

ϟ Best Tsundere Anime❣by Naemah

「Tsundere (ツンデレ) is a character that is defined by her/his reluctance to show kindness (often towards a love interest) by hiding behind a tough, uncaring outer shell. They may also make a progression from being this...

Rumiko Takahashi Anime available officially in Englishby BlaizeV

A complete list of Rumiko Takahashi Anime that have at one time or another been available officially in English.

Animes w/ Romance Subplotsby sm3xyang3l

Exactly what the title says. The genres don't show the romance tag but there's some romance in it :>