Inuki Kanako Zekkyou Collection: Gakkou ga Kowai!

OVA (1 ep x 40 min)
2.309 out of 5 from 60 votes
Rank #8,006
Inuki Kanako Zekkyou Collection: Gakkou ga Kowai!

Bukida is disliked by all the students in his class because of his unpleasant face. However, he loves a girl named Matsuko and so he stalks her. Though Matsuko rejects him, Bukida fancies she likes him at heart. One day, Bukida is killed in a traffic accident. Matsuko feels relieved. But Bukida appeared to her as the living dead. Bukida says, "I love you forever, even though I am dead!".

Source: AniDB

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AngelBeatsYui's avatar
AngelBeatsYui Apr 2, 2016
Score 1.5/10

Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers- Urgh, this is like one of them shows that I hate yet so many people like, it is about some creepy guy who falls in 'love' with all these girl and stuff happens. But didn't like the plot and the animation was just a no-no for me but yeah it was stupid some people enjoy stuff like this but I really didn't. STORY It follows the story of this guy nicknamed Creepta who... read more



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