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Sep 22, 2014

Inukami: A dog deity (god) who oftens takes the form of a human

A summary of episode 1: A man wearing nothing but a cape, with his phallus censored as an elephant shoots lasers from his nipples and dick that turns people naked. Note: It only works on men. There is also a robot with a drill on his groin and narrowly misses drilling a man's rear end. Pretty much sums up the experience of this anime. Alcohol is absolutely required with this anime (if you are old enough). Also check drunk edit

Inukami follows the story of a pervert Keita Kawahira, who along with his Inukami that lives with him, has a job to defend people from malicious spirits and monsters. The genre is ecchi (only), yet some might argue it is comedy. I didn't laugh once, not even after a few beers (which usually lets me laugh at terrible ecchi anime). I'm telling you now, I do not like ecchi anime and my opinion will affect this review.


In terms of animation quality and style, it is actually good for an anime made in 2006. Very bright and colourful. Of course any obscenity is thankfully censored and most of it is actually men. There is still a lot of ecchi, the normal stuff, with chicks however. The sound design is actually done well too, with the some very suitable music during scenes and a decent opening. If the music was a bit better, then it might even justify getting the soundtrack. However the music cannot save this anime, proven by comedic music not helping to add humour to scenes that obviously try to be funny. This anime is only available with Japanese audio so English subtitles are required.


The main character, Keita Kawahira is one of the worst characters ever in any anime. A member of the Kawahira family who have been Inukami Tsukai (Inukami master) for generations, he is the dunce of the family bringing much shame. The guy is not only a pervert, but he won't take the chick he has, his Inukami called Youko, always making the excuse that she's an Inukami. Therefore being a hypocrite as he has no problem going for other Inukami and once even makes the excuse her breasts are too small, despite Youko having a reasonable bust size. And whenever something might be about to happen between them, he just thinks of her as (literally) a bitch. And he treats her like one too, wanting her to do the housework and chores, but not actually getting romantically involved. It's almost as if he doesn't actually want to get laid. Did I mention he's a, shameless pervert, thinking of nothing but hitting on all chicks except for the one he has. They seem to make him out to be a good person overall, but fuck that shit, this is one character, who, if I met IRL, I'd break his arms and then his genitalia to stop his damn hormones. I'd then probably torture the guy.

Youko who SPOILERS< isn't actually an Inukami >SPOILERS has powers of teleportation (which she can use on others) and fireballs, which she often righteously uses to punish Keita by teleporting him out of his clothes, into the public, where he often gets arrested for indecent exposure. As far as the cast of Inukami beings go, she is pretty much the most powerful. From the start it seems obvious she has a romantic interest in Keita, but of course that won't go anywhere. She also likes to eat cake, gets angry easily, is obsessed with the size of her tail (similar to how some people are obsessed with weight) and and constantly apprehends Keita for attempting perverted deeds. You'd think there would be something wrong with her, since Keita doesn't want any from her, but no. It seems the thing he dislikes is her personality, which is something that doesn't put off perverts.

The other characters are the various Inukami owned by Keita's family members (he only has a grandmother and a cousin it seems). Hake is the only male Inukami in the cast, his master being Keita's grandmother and even has some backstory. Most of the cast consists of the other 10 female Inukami, who all share the same master, Kaoru. Kaoru never seems to be around and seems to be some mythical nice guy who is always busy aparently helping others. Because of this, I am disappointed by this character, since he is referred to so much, yet is barely seen. Most of the female anime sterotypes are present within the cast of Kaoru's Inukami. There are also talking animals and a lot of weird, wacky, perverted dudes.


So, with this universe of magical powerful beings called Inukami and their masters, you'd think there would be a comprehensive story, possibly covering as stuggle against some major villain? WRONG. There is no overarcing story and its only made up of seperate stories where the larger ones take up a 2-3 episodes at most. Of course this includes the token beach and hot-spring episodes and a lot of filler.

DRUNK EDIT: Oh the end! Episode 21 to the end were great! They fixed so much of the worng of this anime. And I actually enjoyed it, though that might be the alcohol speaking. Keita barely appears and things go places! I'm going to put up story score by 1 cos there actually is a story at the end! And maybe the full score by half. I hope sober me doesn't regret this.

There is a lot of homoerotic content (in the form of machomen bodybuilders) in this anime. Well, at least its different from the normal ecchi where usually its women being oversexualised and censored (due to nudity). However, that still doesn't stop them from trying a bit and neither does it make the ecchi content forgivable. Often scenes start with dialogue that suggest something sexual is occuring and SPOILERS< its always actually something safe, purposely sripted to sound suggestive. >SPOILERS The appearance of elephants directly correlates to the amount of censored male genitalia and there are a lot of elephants.


My verdict, the characters, lack of story and absurd themes and content make this anime among the bottom of the ecchi cesspit. The character of Keita alone justifies a loss of 2.5 points of score. If watching this anime, being drunk is a must. Even after some drinks, I didn't enjoy this anime, where I'd usually laugh at the terrible ecchi. There were no laughs.

Family-friendliness Rating: 4/5 No nudity, but there is a lot of censorship. (lower is better)

Overall Rating: 3/10 (higher is better)

5/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Aug 4, 2010

Entertaining to the end! It was a laugh from start to finish with a few serious moments to calm yourself down, but can't not look at the elephants!

Characters: Youko and Keita are just this weird couple in a way (that's how I thought of them). Keita met Youko at first in her fox form when he was just a little kid (and even then he was a pervert). Youko isn't really an inukami, she's just pretending to be one in order to stay with Keita. The Kawahira family are the masters of the inukami of the mountain, Kaoru (Keita's older and much more of a gentlemen brother) has 10 inukamis all committed to him body, mind and soul (something Keita wishes to have in order to fulfill his perverted and sexual fantasies). I can't really name all the inukami Kaoru-sama has, but I do know (in my point of view) the main ones: Sendan is a bit of the controlling and the mother to all the others, Tomohane is the little kid of the family and just a bundle of joy with the cutest disposition, Nadeshiko (I think) is married to Kaoru or should be married to him. All the others just make up your typical family (except they have tails and powers and are seriouly over protective of the "dad").

Story: It's just a bunch of craziness, perverts and weirdos that combine in a sequence of events. The characters are always so important and always play a part in the story, okay. Youko isn't really an inukami right? Well! Her dad is just the worse......villain? demon? spirit? in the story (but they make it seem like he's the worse in the world). Strange stuff has been happening in the city where this couple lives and it just leads up to the release of Dai Youko, Youko's father, and the characters that appear before his release really know how to make a day special. Sekidosai is a wizard or magician who had a fight with Dai Youko 300 hundred years ago! Now they're fighting again with everyone caught into the middle!And everyone was just so happy before this happened, but then a whole bunch of crazy mixed up stuff start happening with the characters. Sekidosai turns out to be an evil wizard from Kaoru's past who feeds on other people's despair. Dai Youko appears to have been watching his daughter very closely with a dairy filled with pictures and notes about his daughter. Kaoru is living inside a fake body which disappears after a while, but it wasn't his choice, the evil wizard living inside of Sekidosai put Kaoru's spirit inside that body and only he can put it back.

Okay, I've said way too many spoilers now, but overall it was very very entertaining. Gomenasai about the spoilers, but I will tell you one more thing: You would not expect such an ending coming from such a perverted show.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
May 22, 2011

If you've seen my review before, you know I hate giving long reviews. So let's just get this over with.

The plot is about a lineage that exterminates evil spirits and demons with the help of creatures known as Inukami. Keita, our good ol' perv, along with his bitch, Youko (Oh my, an actual pun with that word!) are the the latest ones in the lineage. I found myself laughing to the gayness of the anime and the consant and clever references to other anime. I believe everyone who watched the first episode was blown away with its unique... uh... taste. The story isn't one single mission or event, but rather somewhat like Naruto where Keita accepts a mission, completes it, then proceeds on to the next one. The animation is clean. Though it is not to the point where it is jaw-dropping, it does a pretty nice job. Also worth noting was the constant elephants (yeah, I have a thing for those type of stuff) drawn with crayons. The soundtracks and seiyuu also deliver an exceptional job. Personally I liked the OP. Now, the highlight of this anime is the abundance of unique, interesting characters. Kaoru, Keita's cousin, owns 10 inukami, which means 10 times the fun! Every Inukami has her/his own personality so it doesn't feel like you're watching 2 of the same characters. My favorite was definitely Keita and Sekidosai, whom both are pervs. Keita knows how to do his job by keeping the audience entertained  and Sekidosai... well, he's amusing. I mean, he's the antagonist and he says stuff like "Why do humans wear clothes? Even monkeys don't wear them. We should all take off our clothes and return to the true nature of this world!" And the fact fact that he's gay (the actual meaning) adds to his unique character. Also, he has a robot with a dick drill... -_-

Overall this anime was worth watching. I just accidentally stumbled upon it one day and watched the whole thing in two days. That was how addicting it was.  

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
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Aug 7, 2010

I found that while highly entertaining it did lack quality animation at some key pionts in the show. Overall i thought that they could do without the band of perverts that follow keita around and the crappy elephant that appears with a better elephant that perhaps looks like it was not drawn with crayons.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Jul 16, 2010

First things first, and i'm going to get it out of the way right now, and try not to point it out to much after, that this is the most perverted anime iv ever seen that still manages to call its self family friendly. If thats what your family is into.

Thats said lets get to the over all story of Inukami. Wait a second, i forgot, there isnt one! Ya I guess the writers didn't think this one needed or story, or should I say plot. So im going to talk about the premise instead.

So the basic premise of Inukami is a young man (they never actully give an age but since hes not in school so where going to go with man) was born into the Kawahira family, a clan with special "spiritual" powers and who duity is to protect the people of *Insert unknow city here* from various spirits, daemons (and perverts). The people of the Kawahira family are also know as Inukami-tamers. Whats an inukami you ask? Literally translated it means dog god. Well actually thats kind of a lie, dog god would be an inugami, but because in actual japan folklore inugami's are vicious blood lusting beasts. So the name was slightly changed for a more "cutesy" feel. Basically its a dog spirit with great spiritual powers. The inukami tamers create pacts with the inukami, once your in a pact with one they fight along side each other in exist in a master-slave relationship for the rest of their lives.

The animation is just average in my opinion, nothing special, nothing really wrong with it so it gets an seven. The show does try to put out allot of eye candy, seeing as all the inukami seem to be sexy women.

(Well theres hake, but even he looks pretty feminine)

Another thing that might as well be taked on to this is the censoring. Like i said, this anime is perverted beyond all belief, so naturally theres some nudity (Or rather, implied nudity). So when ever theres nudity is censored by this poorly drawn picture of a blue elephant. I guess its supposed to be funny, but really it just gets creepy since the only people who require it are unattractive men, which is ironic since the show seems to be hyping up all the inukami girls all the time. But i digress.

On that note I guess its time to talk about the voice actors. As far as i know there is no dub for this anime, so your watching the sub weather you like it or not. Like the animation id say the voicing is once again average, no one really stands out as bad for me (Shrieking high pitched girls aside, that seems to be side standard now but its really noticeable when there some many female characters).

Now for characters, and oh boy do we got characters! The Show revolves around three characters: Keita: The skirt chasing inukami tamer. Youko: Keitas inukami And lastly Kaoru's inukami (And yes, i'm referring to them all as one character because they might as well be).

So quickly going over each of these characters starting with Keita;

Keita is sort of the misfit of the Kawahira family, not fitting in with the other inukami tamers and often being an all round pervert, though he denies it. In fact he never would have gotten an inukami if it where not for Youko choosing him (for back story reasons you'll have to watch the show to find out). Being an inukami tamer he also has spiritual powers, or in his case, er, um, frog powers...(Ya, he throws explosive frogs, its what itsounds like, not much more too it). He spends most of his off time ogling over beautifull women, especially Kaoru's Inukami (Hes has like ten of them... share tha love brotha!).His "flights of fancy" often end up angering Youko, (SPOILERS SHES IN LOVE WITH HIM*GASP* :O!) and him streaking across the screen butt naked. 

Which brings us to Youko. Who as I said is Keita's inukami (Or rather, Keita's her human). Yes, the two share an unorthodox relationship for and inukami and tamer. Simply put, Youko wheres the pants in their relationship, forcing him to do what she says, and punishing him whenever she catches him looking at women besides her. Youko has exceptional strong spiritual powers, even for an inukami (Granted shes not actually an inukami but i'm not going to touch on that). Her powers include jaien (A blast of fire), Dai jaien (An even bigger blast of fire) and shuckichi (Teleportation of other objects/people. 80% of the time used to teleport Keita out of his cloths).

Finally Theres Kaoru's inukami, but just to touch on Kaoru hes Keita's cousin and another inukami tamer, but since hes barley in the show until the last few episodes i'm going to ignore him. His inukami on the other hand have plenty of air time, but there always together (and damn theres allot of them) as well as each one basically being a stereo type. The only notable ones are:

Sendan: Whos the leader when Kaoru's not around

Nadeshiko: Shes more like the maid, she refuses to fight and is totally in love with Kaoru (Ya, this show goes there). At the end she and Kaoru become quite pivotal to the story.

Tomohane: Shes only on this list cause shes on the friendliest terms with Keita (Because shes like 8, so he can't touch that) 

Other notable characters in the seriese inclue:

Karina: Best way to explain him, hes like the secret service of the magical world... hell if i know.

Kaoru: Ya, hes been mentioned all throughout this but really you don't even seem him until the last third of the series.

And lastly Keita's oddball jail buddy's, which consists of a peeping tom, a pantie thief and a fervent masochist... kill me now....


I guess i haven't had much good to say about this one, but really i did enjoy it. I think what really saved it was the last handful of episodes, where the show shockingly strung together a plot from all the continuity points littered throughout the series. I know that probably doesn't make sense, you'd have to watch the show to get it. Aw Crap i guess that means i recommend it...

4/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall