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The Kawahira family specializes in dealing with troublesome spirits with the help of inukami, strong dog spirits that take human form. Members of the family are expected to make pacts with strong inukami in order to fulfill their duties, but their family has a black sheep: the perverted Keita, who charges people for his help. His inukami, Youko, is dedicated to make Keita completely hers. Her favorite form of punishment for him when he strays is teleporting him into the city completely naked. He's been arrested for indecent exposure so many times that he's a jailhouse regular, and is considered an outcast by his family and normal society; yet an inukami of the highest caliber chose to be his partner?! Is there really more to him than perverseness?

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Don't Mind Being Naked! image

Episode 1

Don't Mind Being Naked!

The Machos Are Licking! image

Episode 2

The Machos Are Licking!

Exterminating in Swimsuits! image

Episode 3

Exterminating in Swimsuits!

Preventive Apron! image

Episode 4

Preventive Apron!

Keita and Yoko! image

Episode 5

Keita and Yoko!

Tightly Tomohane! image

Episode 6

Tightly Tomohane!

Digging at the Mixed Bath! image

Episode 7

Digging at the Mixed Bath!

Rub the Tail! image

Episode 8

Rub the Tail!

Desire and Sexual Harassment! image

Episode 9

Desire and Sexual Harassment!

Memories of Cherry Blossoms! image

Episode 10

Memories of Cherry Blossoms!

Beg to be Exhausted! image

Episode 11

Beg to be Exhausted!

Hear my Song of Death! image

Episode 12

Hear my Song of Death!

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mahius's avatar
mahius Sep 22, 2014
Score 3/10

Inukami: A dog deity (god) who oftens takes the form of a human A summary of episode 1: A man wearing nothing but a cape, with his phallus censored as an elephant shoots lasers from his nipples and dick that turns people naked. Note: It only works on men. There is also a robot with a drill on his groin and narrowly misses drilling a man's rear end. Pretty much sums up the experience of this anime. Alcohol is... read more

TALESHUNTER1 May 22, 2011
Score 8.8/10

If you've seen my review before, you know I hate giving long reviews. So let's just get this over with. The plot is about a lineage that exterminates evil spirits and demons with the help of creatures known as Inukami. Keita, our good ol' perv, along with his bitch, Youko (Oh my, an actual pun with that word!) are the the latest ones in the lineage. I found myself laughing to the gayness of the... read more

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