Interspecies Reviewers

Alt title: Ishuzoku Reviewers

TV (12 eps)
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In a world bursting at the seams with moe monsters and humanoids of the horned sort, which brave heroes will take it upon themselves to review the beastly babes of the red-light district? Can only one be crowned the ultimate title of best girl?

Source: Funimation

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Butal honesty out of the gate, this anime isnt for everyone. This is the anime only meant for peope with the best taste who are true men of culture. The show centers around 3-5 guys all from different races going around to differnet monster girl brothels and testing them out and writing a review that they put up in their favorite tavern for the other patrons to read. The fun stems from the misadventures and fun they have at each brothel and the personalities of the different girls they are with. The characters are all super loveable and the opening song is great too. Crimvael is best futa in the show for sure and anyone who says they aren't is a liar and should be punished. Stunk is basically my spirit animal and obviously the most relatable as a fellow human. Zel is pretty good but his distinct lack of love for big boob elf women but love of saggy old human women isnt as nice. There are 2 others who some times tag along, a halfing and a bestman. They aren't seen as often but when they are they contribute to the hilarity. Lets get down to the brass tacks. The show is about sex and the enjoyment of or disdane to the brothel that they visit. Its definitly R rated and actually contains more then the manga does as the actual scenes from the brothels were never in the manga and is an anime only feature. The differences in personalities between the monster girl races keeps the show fresh and keeps your attention. Overall i rate the show very highly, its an excellent visual masterpiece that is a perfect representaion of the times and how far anime has come in the last decade. This should very vell be a contender for anime of the year if it continues to provide the steamy entertainment it has thus far. Dont knock the anime until you have had the pleasure of viwing it for yourself.


 If u came for a good storyline, leave now.  Story: if u clicked on this anime you didn't come here for a plot. Both of us kno u came for a generic story and an over-the-top amount of big titty bitches. However, the story, while very unpolished and unfinished, is pretty decent for an anime such as this and is funny as fuck. Moreover, i was semi-engaged enough to actually pay attention, when i wasn't staring down a double barrel blast of breasts, obviously. I just wanted to see them fuck Meidri. Woulda gave it a ten regardless of whatever the fuck happened the rest of the story. Animation: I underestimated this anime. turns out its actually softcore hentai Such an extreme amount of fucking. Now i thought we'd get like a DxD level but with still pictures of sexual activities. Boy was I wrong so much action. Yea but its definetely gratuitous with the sex scenes and i sure as hell enjoyed the post-sex review animations. Wish Passione knew how to animate some fucking faces tho and didnt make thier characters soaked in fucking blush. Boobs looked nice tho Sund: Intro was just so funny and the outro was Russian or somethin? Yea the little verbal-tics all the monsters had so damn cute. and compound that with the high quality moans. GG Characters: The two mains, though they probably have actual dicks for brains. Stunk and Zel are pretty much a vybe. Crim was offputting, Maybe cause he/she's a Futanari or the fact they just used him/her for nothing but Futa porn/huge dick jokes or since his/her story doesn't resolve itself. Enjoyed Meidri to the extent where I wished to see her engage in sexual intercourse, INSTEAD OF LAYING FUCKING EGGS. yea episode 7 just isn't the wave. man bro that blond fairy was hot too. youbwatched this because your horny/want a good laugh. Emphasis on the horny.

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