Initial D Legend 3: Dream

Alt title: New Initial D Movie: Legend 3 - Mugen

Movie (1 ep x 60 min)
4.079 out of 5 from 781 votes
Rank #674

The third and final movie of the New Initial D Movie trilogy.

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Seeing as no one has made a review on this movie, I might as well give it one. So, Initial D Legend 3: Dream is the third installment on the movie remakes for the first season of Initial D and it's the most impactful out of this trilogy. However, because the movies are cut down to 60 minutes each you lose some of the character development essential to a better understanding of their decisions. The animation is great and the CGI has come a long way since season 1 and is very faithful to the manga, even adding a particle effect to simulate the sketch-like manga drawings when the cars are in very rapid movement. Now, if you haven't read/watched Initial D for what the first season covers the movies are not the optimal option to choose, I recommend watching the first season and then watch the movies, otherwise, you may lose context to fully enjoy the story. SPOILERS! The movies do a serviceable job at trying to readjust the story to make sense, sadly they skipped Sayuki and Mako which had a very intense fight with Takumi. I like how many things are handled but if you watch them in one day some of the character actions don't seem very justified, like I said 60 minutes for each movie had them cut a lot of content. Mogi and Takumi have a better relationship sure, but omitting what can be called "potential drama" made it feel a little too jarring for someone who has watched all of Initial D, my best guess is that the movies were created as an homage or like the movie said, an anniversary because to follow things with the way the movies end may complicate the structure even further. However, I do feel thankful for the redesigns of the characters which feels like the 100th time it happened. Time after time watching Initial D change studio and being inconsistent in many crucial moments led to me having a bittersweet taste after getting through Final Stage, it disappointed me in many ways so I'm coming off a little biased but it felt really fresh watching this new attempt at adapting the best part of the series. And thank god the characters don't look like having a saggy jowl, these designs were pretty good in my opinion.Also, I get that getting rid of Eurobeat was a bad idea but it nevertheless feels accelerating to watch. Overall, I give Initial D Legend 3: Dream a 7 (7.6 to be more specific) out of ten. Good visuals, weak in comparison to the First Stage but not bad at all.

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