Initial D Extra Stage

OVA (2 eps)
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Mako and Sayuki make up the well known street racing team from Usui known as Impact Blue. Mako does the driving and Sayuki tells her what moves to make. After the Myougi Night Kids have been defeated by the powerful Emperors team, consisting of only Lan-EVOs, word spreads fast. Since Myougi and Usui are neighbouring cities, Shingo of the Night Kids, a childhood friend of Sayuki, comes to warn them about the power of these cars. But after just breaking up with her boyfriend, does Mako even want to continue street racing?

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Initial D Extra Stage With the plot already set in place from the previous incarnations. You'd have to be just dumb to not to have an understanding of the shows main plot! This is just a follow up to Initial D Second Stage. What most likely could have been tacked on somewhere in the series was truly a nice change of pace in this OVA. Focusing on the "Sleighty" team of driver Mako and her navigator Sayuki! There are two episodes in this OVA. The first focuses on a new race, while the second installment focuses less on racing and more and their other sides in life. Animation is still a better upgrade than the original but the same to its second installment.Usually I find that in OVA's there tends to be a different anime style but I could barely find a difference. I must say though, it does look like they put just a little more effort into the CG of the car this time around. Interesting enough the anime animation giants Shaft had taken over the reigns from Pastel. Soundtrack is as ParaPara as it always has been and I will expect from here on out with the rest of the Initial D series. Characters had a lot of promise. The racers of "The Night Kids" I like a lot better when not racing Takumi. Mako and Sayuki was a awesome way to go with a side story. They are written with some pretty decent substance. Going further into their stories makes it all worth the watch. Still as always this anime is for the JDM crowd. But I  love the rest of you anyways. LOL!   PandaBeard!

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