Ingress the Animation

Web (11 eps x 24 min)
Fall 2018
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CERN has discovered a new kind of matter, dubbed eXotic Matter (XM) that can affect the human psyche. Researching XM is the Hulong Group, a company that on the outside appears to be merely a scientific organization but is actually invested in controlling XM and theoretically, other humans. Researcher Sarah Coppola has mysterious abilities and attempts to blow the whistle on the operation but is captured, but not before the incident turns deadly. Freelance psychic investigator Makoto Midorikawa can see memories belonging to objects. He touches the comatose Sarah's ring and gets his first clue about what happened within Hulong HQ. Makoto is quickly dragged into globe-trekking war for power when he teams up with Sarah and a bodyguard named Jack.

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It has potential, it really does. I think the fact was for somethings, not just because it was made by Netflix or anything (They have made some really good animes ) but just because it seemed like they just gave up and went with the flow and just pulled stuff out of there minds and said, " Yup, just like that. Put it into the episode " and that's it. Of course, truth be told I have only seen 3 episodes and it made me want to drop it so fast.  Animation/CGI:  It was to fast paced and your eyes could never focus on one scene or even think through of what just happened on that one scene. Even already on the first episode, we're pulled into the main girl getting pulled into a meeting of some sort with talking then an explosion.  Plot/Storyline: No plot line whatever, you can never understand what is going on around you or even where the plotline is going. They throw to many things at you all in one, especially on the first episode of how you already get 2-3 other characters who are also so confused. I believe they were going for a learn on the way kind of anime- but they just threw to many things at us that it was so hard to even think about. The game and how it is related to the anime:  I never played the game personally but my parents have, and from what I remember, it had nothing to do with people. Abilities, a society in where you fight against the wrong people. There were portals, and signs, and protect your protals from the other color. There was no "wrong" side to say, it was just clashing teams going against each other portals or gates.  It has potential, maybe if they re-did it could be better or at least make us understand it. But yeah, just my point of view of how I see it. Go see for yourself you'd like. 

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