Inferno Cop

Web (13 eps x 3 min)
2012 - 2013
Fall 2012
3.193 out of 5 from 2,470 votes
Rank #12,891

In the crime infested Jack Knife Edge Town, Inferno Cop is a brutal police officer who stands up against the powerful Southern Cross organization. He must go on an insane adventure plotted by the evil group to eliminate him and allow them to conquer the world.

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You don't get much series like this one, where all the numbers somehow don't matter. Every single aspect about this screams "FAIL" in bold capital letters when taken by itself: The Story: (1/10) There is no story. It really is that simple. There may appear to be a somewhat coherent sequence of events going on at any given point, but at no point in the series would I dare call it a story. Basically random events follow up other random events, somehow held together by nothing a joint location, time or people.. Animation: (4/10) This is kind of the same thing: calling it animation would be wrong, as basically everything that isn't Inferno Cop himself at most has about 4 frames of animation going on. And even then even Inferno Cop himself rarely appears to get more than that per episode. Movement is the result of simply moving or changing the direction of a single frame and backgrounds never appear to be more than at most 1.5 screens long. The reason I don't give it a lower score however is that the frames themselves are actually quite well drawn, and do they work very well with their own very limited animation style. Sound: (4/10) The voice-overs constist of at most three guys voicing everything, and quite badly. The sound effects have decent quality, even if they seem to choose far from the best ones for the situation at times. Like the animation however, this seems to be done on purpose, and though the music is nothing to write home about, it actually supplements the series quite well. A notable good point in my own personal opinion is the outro, which demonstrates quite nicely how horrible Japanese people singing German can sound, while still adding to vibe of the series. Characters: (3/10) Most of the points here go the originality for what they chose to be characters. No personality ever reaches a point where you would need more than a single sentence to describe them though. Every single one of them does deliver though on that excuse for a personality at every move or interaction they make, making them some of the most straightforward characters I 've seen in any type of show. How in the name of.. Overal: (7/10) None of this adds up to the 7 I'd give it overall though. How does this series manage to rank higher than all of it's components taken seperately.. Because it just really works out great together:It is incessantly stupid, make no mistake! But somehow it's just the righ amount of stupid, and it knows it just that, refining on said stupidity, adding lameness and cheesiness as you would use salt and pepper to spice up a meal. It's like one of those really greasy hamburgers from a rather questionable looking burger stand. It's gross, it's fatty, and has no pretense of even getting anywhere near giving you what your body needs. But at the right time, at the righ place, it can be exactly what your mind needs. In short: You will love or hate it, and maybe which one it will be will depend on the very moment you first lay your eyes on it, but if you do love it, it will hit a sweet spot right in your gut that pretty much no other series can satisfy..

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