Indian Summer

Alt title: Koharu Biyori

OVA (3 eps)
2007 - 2008
3.303 out of 5 from 1,757 votes
Rank #10,758

When Murase Takaya, an average and somewhat perverted boy, decides to buy a robot to keep him company, it is the robot that chooses him. However, when the maid is delivered, her particular programming leads her to refuse wearing her uniform, throw away his sexy figurine collection and run away! The two soon make up; and though their relationship remains complicated, they get along more and more in time. From wearing all kinds of costumes to taking care of kids, will Yui find of what she's made for?

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The anime Koharu Biyori (Indian Summer) is comedy ecchi based off of robots that are assigned to masters in everyday life. At first glance this didn't seem odd but after watching the anime as a whole the story itself was very cluttered and had no clear path. It would cutscene to different scenes and transition massively to scenes which come out of nowhere. Some parts however were a more like romantic based series which was not really necessary for anime like this where nothing is to really be taken seriously. The animation has recieved its fair share of critisim but I believe that it is in fact well drawn for a lot of it and it even has me laughing at some parts. The fact that scenes can be so spontaneous is quite funny. Although there really is no point in some of the work they put in and how the background characters are disturbing on a number of levels (watch and you will understand) I still felt as if the drawing was a little underated for some parts especially between the two male characters. The songs in the anime were nothing particularly outstanding and the intro song was very rushy for some unknown reason. The characters sound adequate but nothing really leaps out at you. Speaking of the characters because of the sheer size of the anime and the pace at which was kept throughout, made connecting with the characters themselves very difficult. Although there were some funny lines that I'll give credit for.--SUMMARY-- Whilst the story is non-existant and character development is lacking considerably, the anime itself wasn't at all bad, just decent. Whilst thing seem spontaneous and unecessary at some times there are a few parts that will make you laugh a bit. Whilst the characters aren't that memorable it's not a bad way to kill less than two hours. (Yes its that short).  If you liked this one try: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (This was my first anime review on this site, if you have any feedback or constructive critisism to offer me I would apperciate it. :D)

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