Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy

TV (43 eps)
2013 - 2014
Spring 2013
3.616 out of 5 from 791 votes
Rank #4,147
Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy

After fighting for the future of football, the next goal is to be the world champions in the World Cup, where different schools will choose the best players. Here the new coach decides to choose only eleven members, but to their surprise only three of them know how to play football.

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Not much to say, story is predictable, they literally SHOW you everything, even a human with a little brain would do 2+2 and reach the conclusion. Characters are well developed though, even more than the first GO ones. But some got zero screen-time, I'm pretty irritated about it. Zanakuro, and Tsurugi too, that got kidnapped (and the worst thing is that the watchers KNEW ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME, HOW THE FUCK COULD WE WORRY IF THEY SHOW US THAT HE IS OKAY?). It was like that in CS too with Beta (or Gamma that got kicked by another enemy even before trying to stop our heroes), since they are too goddamned focused on making Tenma shine, since he is the main character and children cannot love other characters beside MC. OP and ED are not that bad, even if others were a bit better, OST was nice too, listening CS's OST gave me really nostalgic feels, even if I watched CS few months ago. Plot has another problem anyway: it's way too vague (beside that "And-They-Lived-Happy-Ever-After" area that would convert ANY asshole in a good guy after a match I mean). It's obviously the end, yet the anime finished in two minutes where they do a party, returned to Earth, and no one saw them after that. What about their school? Their future? Their lives? And it's obvious even that they were out of ideas, since they brought up Souls, that basically work in a similar way to Reiatsu, or Chakra, the same thing that makes shonen anime go on, I mean. This show is from 2013 and only in June 2017 the next Inazuma Eleven will come out. I didn't like the fact that they transform into animal but, oh, well. Now I want my Big Bang copy that I ordered almost a month ago.

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