In This Corner of the World

Alt title: Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

Movie (1 ep x 130 min)
4.18 out of 5 from 4,142 votes
Rank #386

Based on the award-winning manga by Fumiyo Kouno, In This Corner Of The World tells the emotional story of Suzu, a young girl from Hiroshima, who's just become a bride in the nearby city of Kure during World War II. Living with her husband's family, Suzu has to adjust to her new life, which is made especially difficult by regular air raids. But life must go on, and Suzu — through the help of her new family and neighbors — begins to discover the joys of everyday life in Kure. Much is gained in Kure, but with war, many things cherished are also lost.

Source: Shout! Factory

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In This Corner of the World is a unique and refreshing movie that I feel is absolutely worth watching. The movie is a historical slice of life set in WW2 era Japan. It does an excellent job of working within this setting to portray the lives of the ordinary people who lived and worked through this time rather than focusing on the battling or conflicts. I really enjoyed how it weaves the story of one girl, Suzu into the larger fabric of the struggle of the era and manages to show a new perspective on the war.  Although the animation quality is not as crisp and moe as a lot of shows made recently, don't let this turn you away from watching the movie. The animation style gives the movie a very 'classic' feel that reminds me of the Studio Ghibli films. The soundtrack is very nice and does a great job at adding emotion to the movie.  The best thing about the movie, in my opinion, was the characters. I felt like they all had a purpose and each had their own lives, even people you only saw in one scene had detail put into them. There was only one character who I felt was not done justice but overall I really liked how each character was introduced and developed. Mostly because you had to pay attention and infer what people felt rather than being told who anyone was. TL; DR: Great movie overall. Character development and sound on point. Historical setting (WW2 Japan) from an everyday person's perspective. Animation style has a 'classic' feel that complements the overall experience.  You should watch it. 

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