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Alt title: Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

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Aug 24, 2017

In This Corner of the World is an extrodinary pieve of art that should be on everyones top 100 films to see before you die. Without telling anything to give away the plot, and believe me it was harder than i expected. When it comes to growing up/living in one of the most famous events in WWII set as the location of the film, you already know how it's going to end. But the one thing that you wouldnt expect is how much you care for the characters in such a short amount of time. if you love historical anime or even slice of life you'll no doubt enjoy this film!

8/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.3/10 overall
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Nov 14, 2017

In This Corner of the World is a unique and refreshing movie that I feel is absolutely worth watching.

The movie is a historical slice of life set in WW2 era Japan. It does an excellent job of working within this setting to portray the lives of the ordinary people who lived and worked through this time rather than focusing on the battling or conflicts. I really enjoyed how it weaves the story of one girl, Suzu into the larger fabric of the struggle of the era and manages to show a new perspective on the war. 

Although the animation quality is not as crisp and moe as a lot of shows made recently, don't let this turn you away from watching the movie. The animation style gives the movie a very 'classic' feel that reminds me of the Studio Ghibli films. The soundtrack is very nice and does a great job at adding emotion to the movie. 

The best thing about the movie, in my opinion, was the characters. I felt like they all had a purpose and each had their own lives, even people you only saw in one scene had detail put into them. There was only one character who I felt was not done justice but overall I really liked how each character was introduced and developed. Mostly because you had to pay attention and infer what people felt rather than being told who anyone was.


Great movie overall. Character development and sound on point. Historical setting (WW2 Japan) from an everyday person's perspective. Animation style has a 'classic' feel that complements the overall experience. 

You should watch it. 

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Oct 13, 2017

In This Corner of the World is a slow, weirdly paced, boring slice of life that takes place in 1930/40's Japan. It failes to present the difficulties (or any other aspect) of those times in a way that befits a 2 hour long movie. I don't really know why this movie was made, cause documentaries can be much more interesting and engaging than this. I was expecting at least more drama out of it or anything that would be more touching. Instead I was bored and annoyed.

Some other things that made this movie unwatchable for me were: jumping from place to place making it hard to follow, bad dialogues, awkward humor, unlikeable characters and terrible voice acting (Suzu).

4/10 story
4/10 animation
?/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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May 23, 2020

amazing story, makes you feel and cry so much. at first, you think it's just silly but when you take the time to watch you notice its something much more than that. its sad and happy, some jokes here and there but so heartfelt, everyone should watch.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Mar 28, 2020

I want to start by saying that anyone who gives this movie a bad review is an idiot. Especially that one person who thinks "slow pace" is bad because the slow pace is what litterally makes or breaks movies like this. The slow pace is what tricks you into forgetting this is a war movie so that you can love the characters and actually be affected when shit hits the fan. Fuck you for even suggesting that thats bad. 

"In This Corner of the World" Is a Japanese ww2 anime movie adaptation of its manga. There are so many things about this movie that this review will never be able to touch them all.


As previously mentioned, this is a Japanese ww2 story. We follow a young girl from Hiroshima who has been married off. Even knowing what we know, the story still manages to surprise you, to bring you to tears, and while the ending comes off as "bittersweet" you sit there realizing that offscreen they died shortly after of cancer or radiation. The Movie includes legediment propoganda pamplets and radio broadcasts, showing you a slice of WW2 through the eyes of our enemy civilians. There is so much, SO MUCH, detail to the little things, things you wouldn't even think to notice. I am so pissed off that people literally couldnt be bothered to actually take the time to pay attention to this movie to see that there is a reason for everything.  


It was outstanding. The backgrounds are hand painted, detailed, watercolors that so vividly contrast with the simplistic character drawings. The Animation is also a reflection of the main character who is an artist. What she sees and feels is expressed through her skill. Going on too much would result in spoilers. 


Music is beautiful, the voices are geat, the world volume is so fucking good. 


Everyone is so well built and they evolve through time. The slow pace allows us to forget that we are watching a war movie so that we can be caught off gaurd when shit actually hits the fan. 

I literally love this movie. I have watched this movie about 4 times. I am going to rewatch it again after writting this review. 

This is not only a 10 out of 10 but ranked #1 for me out of everything I have watched in my life. 

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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