In Search of the Lost Future

Alt title: Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2014
2.964 out of 5 from 2,137 votes
Rank #6,506
In Search of the Lost Future

A series of increasingly strange events have been reported at Uchihama Academy’s soon-to-be-replaced aging school building. When the student council grows concerned about the spectral encounters, puzzling sleep disorders, and bizarre mishaps, they enlist the aid of the Astronomy Club to crack the case before it’s too late. One evening after school, club member Sou Akiyama is rocked by a sudden earthquake – and an encounter with a beautiful and mysterious naked girl who appears to know him even though he has no recollection of ever meeting her.  The next day, the very same girl arrives at his school as a transfer student who’s interested in joining the Astronomy Club. In the blink of an eye, Sou’s fate – along with the fates of all the girls in his club – begin to change in very dramatic and mysterious ways.

Source: Funimation

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This anime has some potential but it doesn't live up to it at all. The story doesn't start to get interesting until episode 9: I was seriously tempted to drop it because up to that point it's quite boring. Maybe they thought they were building up the characters in the first 8 episodes, I've got no idea, but if that was the intent I must say they failed. And when the story finally starts to kick in, I had a repeated feeling of deja-vu. Apart from Steins;gate that is easily the first one that comes to mind, the plot also made me think of Higurashi no naku koro ni kai and Kimi ga nozomu eien. So if you've already seen those 3 anime you can probably piece the plot together. But the problem isn't so much that the topic has already been dealt with in  other anime, it's just that it fails to hit the target. The premises are there for a really dramatic story, but in the end it isn't; it could have been a love-story, but I get the feeling that the romance element was there just as an excuse for...what? So it's like there isn't a clear aim for any of it. One of the topics is time travel, which is an extremely interesting and thought-provoking theme, but they skillfully manage to turn it into something quite dull. Hell, there's also something there at a certain point about the creation of artificial and intelligent life forms, but the theme isn't explored nor are the consequences or implications analysed, so it's just a ripple on the surface of a plot that continues to flow into nothingness. As for the characters, considering that 3/4 of the anime is dedicated to building them up and exploring their feelings and the relations among them, they should be really good - but they aren't. Just plain average. And not even particularly entertaining. Two boys and three girls part of the astronomy club at school, they start preparing for the school festival. And you basically get 8 episodes just of that, with the usual love triangle. I have nothing against a school setting or a love triangle, but there has to be some depth to it. Which is lacking here. The only interesting character is Yui, a mysterious transfer student who one day appears out of no-where. And if you stop a second to think about it, the main male protagonist treats her abominably - but that is just the object of a passing remark made by one of the other characters. So the message that seems to come across is that using someone to that degree is acceptable. Sound and animation are average, or less than average. Nothing note-worthy in any case. In my opinion, it's just not worth wasting your time on this anime. 


Spoilers existent, Read at your own risk! In search for the lost future was just another generic anime I picked up during the new season, And I'll be honest, the show had some potential in its sleeves, but I feel it hasn't pulled it off. The first 8 episodes is VERY plain, just a typical school environment with some Drama and Romance thrown in, and A few things out of the ordinary to make it a little different from the rest of the Anime's that are pretty much the same. Unfortunately, This anime didn't do much or change anything to make it cool or different from other anime. I dont have a problem with this as I love this sort of anime, but im a little frustrated at what this anime could've been. The story is about the astronomy club, 6 members are involved and a whole lot happens. They are feared as they are badass, and the kind of have control over a lot because of the members involved, so they get to do whatever they want - sort of. It only starts as 5 members, but they do what makes the anime different from others, which is find a myserious girl. Instead of looking into it, they welcome her to the club and a place to stay and dont even question why she was Naked when found and how she even got there. Casual. There are very strong romance elements in this, as jealousy and frustration is brought in because of characters not liking or quite getting the idea AKA dense people, so not much in terms of romance happens, and it starts getting annoying how nothing progresses. Instead, they make what seems to be a good start to a relationship and pretty much kill characters off in a weird way. Now I said up to episode 8 that it is very plain, and thats because afterwards, it shows you them after Highschool. They each go into science research and university in different places, and this becomes the story from now on. It gets interesting as they go in to depth on scientific subject which is fascinating, but the reasoning behind it is really bad in its own way, that Its a shame this anime didn't try and make this more about the science and less about the bad romance. Im basically saying, Why didnt they make this anime starting with quick compact episodes that could be done in 2 or 3 episodes, and make what happens from episode 7 the main and longer part of the series? It would've been much, much more fascinating and interesting. Still, I sort of enjoyed the story even though its generic, I think if it wasn't for other elements in this series, It would've been a 2/2 1/2 from me. The reason I was generous on the rating was because of the other elements I should touch on. The art on characters, I really liked for some reason, and the Music was in my opinion, really nice. In fact, the characters in this are great, they all seem a little different except from the odd one or two. Obviously, each character (Especially the females) are aimed towards your type in certain ways, so if you watch this you will point your finger at a character and say "Thats the best girl/guy/character" and thats the end of it. Animation was a little generic and nothing really stood out from the crowd, but you rarely see animation worth noting now anyway. So yeah Good things is the Music, Art and Characters. The downfall is the story itself. Still, I think its worth watching if its your thing, Im enjoying it for my own reasons such as its in my genre pool, but this anime isn't too great and I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone thats looking for something different or anything great.


Story Anyone of you knows about the Butterfly Effect?This anime is it. And it tells us not about the hurrycane, buth rather of the butterfly.With the difference that in this Butterfly Effect, the enemy is the destiny that says "no butterfly can change my design". You'll see. The real kick of the story is shown in just a couple episodes. I would generally claim that this is bad, and boring, and useless. This is not the case, however. All the other episodes show, at times, some things that help you remember the details, those ones that make you remember that it's not just as it appears now. And the real deal, the thing that gave some more points in my story evaluation is the focus of the anime. It's not an original and never-seen story. It's not. But it's seen from another angle. It's not the hardships or the plans of the grown man you see in the first episode, although that's a central part of the events. No, it's about all the events that lead him to do what he is trying to do. It's not an anime about the solution of the problem, with the problem shown as already there in the first episode and now on with grenades and shotguns to solve it.It's how the whole story slowly took form, brick by bricy. Again and again. And the butterfly that tries to move its wings so that it won't do any harm. I feel sorry for the butterfly. =( Animation Good, nothing exceptional. I feel they could have avoided some censorship, it would still have been just sweet without becoming simple fanservice. Wich is a thing that it's not really that much present in the anime. And that's good. Sound You know, the song is catchy. Also the voice lines are well performed.It's just that it doesn't require a lot of sound effects to be judged. It's mostly dialogues. But they are well done. Characters My favoured is Kenny. Aside that, I actually really appreciated them. There are some cliché in the main characters. However you don't really feel that way.I don't really know how to say it. It's just that in their normality, they offer something special without being exagerated, without all the drama usually involved in many other shows. They aren't heroes. Thei aren't special. They are just egoistic and generous, happy and sad, childish and mature, in a way that feels so very natural. Overall Strong first episode, but then it quiets down, slowing to a very relaxed rhythm. I have seen boring anime and this one is different. It’s not boring, it’s just… relaxed, very relaxed. Up to the point that you forget about the first episode and just enjoy a slow romance anime. I say romance because that’s what it is closer, in the end, but even the sentimental part takes a while to even show up. Despite this fact, I enjoyed the view. Some small things, smartly placed through the course of the middle arc of the anime, keep the events of the first episode in a far and weak light, but still in sight. Sometimes an image, sometimes a sentence, sometimes a photo. And one single time, a word. One word, alone, and you start thinking that you start to understand. Until the moment when the anime says a "stop". Time for the young romance is over. It’s time to put zoom out, and take a look to the whole story in its big design. And you understand. You really understand, this time. You understand that it is nearly as you thought, but slightly different. And you are like "Oh…". This is then brought to a climax in the last two episodes, where the story, all the stories, converges to a single ending. An ending that I, as an engineer, I have really, really appreciated. Call me sentimental.How the many stories in the end mix, shake, and produce one true ending, one that merges everything. I am not a big fan of slow developing anime. But this one is handled with such a finesse that I cannot help but say that it’s slow, indeed, but for once this lack of dynamics exalts the story, softening the ground for an adrenaline jump without any risk. It is far from getting into my favorite lists, but if you are not looking for strong feelings or dynamic action, but instead for something to cuddle you before going to sleep, you might appreciate this anime.

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