In Another World With My Smartphone 2

Alt title: Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. 2

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If the first season was a hot dumpster fire, this 2nd season could only be described as a smoldering nuclear wasteland My expectations were low, but man I did not expect it to be THIS bad.  Looking back at season 1:  Make no mistake, Smartphone season 1 was not a good show. It was bad, but the key thing about it was that it was... enjoyably bad. A dumpster fire of a spectacle that went in hard being so shameless and balls to the wall on setting up it's world and characters that you couldn't help but be somewhat impressed by the shamelessness and insanity going on. Having your 1 wish to God be that you get to bring your phone with you into another life, being given stats so overwhelmingly broken every fight is a cakewalk... getting engaged to a literal child and then getting a call from God congratulating them on that "achievement"? There was no bars held and very little out there that could match it's sheer audacity and complete comittment into becoming the poster child of self-insert characters and absurd writing. It had problems, but a lot of those problems made it fun to watch given how it executed itself. It even laid out some jokes on purpose that did land their mark on occasion. It was watchable - and dare I say is still even ironically recommendable on those aspects to this day. The same cannot be said about this 2nd season. What did this season change to make it worse? The balls to the walls writing, character introductions, premise and worldbuilding were the best factors of the show and helped make the first season at least watchable. There was none of that this season. Most of the old characters from last season were relegated to background status. And the new characters were either more stock standard waifus for the MC to add to his collection of wives, or just unremarkable vanilla isekai background characters with nothing of note about them. Unlike the old secondary characters, which had a solid variety and flair in their personality that made them a genuine treat to see (such as the hijinks of the King and his brother the Duke, fox girl with her unknown age gag, and beast man King with a flair for the dramatics) who were arguably more interesting and better characters than the entire ensemble of main cast members. Kohaku went from being one of the most fun characters with the best diologue and interactions with the MC, to barely doing anything in this season. This seasons newcomers were nowhere near as fun, and were almost all forgetable, generic, throwaway background pieces that we never see again after their 1 moment comes and goes. The only ones I can remember after watching this season is the Yaoi obsessed princess/author, the pervy cafe maids from the first couple of episodes, and of course the budget Vali from High School DxD knockoff.  The action is completely unremarkable and borderline nonexistent. Par for the course for a low budget show. We didn't even get any entertainment from the new mythological pet/servant the MC recruits this season. Instead of a trial, they're just like "nah I'll just join you" taking out all the fun. And the fights are also so bad and static posed that every time there's some semblance of action going on it often ends up being a PowerPoint presentation.  Where the heck did this show plan to go? The compensation that they try to sell you on this time is by attempting to make the story gear towards preparing for a war against a bunch of glass-made looking creatures called Phrases while also... turning into a mix of The Sims + Minecraft by building a country up from scratch in the middle of nowhere (which the MC basically accomplishes in about 1 and a half episodes) and... becoming a mecha anime? Well I guess there is some batsh*t writing still going on, but at least season 1's felt cohesive and reasonable to follow compared to - whatever TF is going on now.  It was trying to go in some many different directions. Pretending it was High School DxD between all the new otherworldly intruders and Vali knockoff dropping hints at what was going on and popping in acting all mysterious, when the end result ended up just making me annoyed every time I saw him on screen. It acted like a dollar store Code Geass with the MC trying to form some kind of "genius" plan to build up a mech force out of nowhere for his newborn country and gaining political leverage between neighboring countries, but in the least serious way possible. And of course the sporadic side plot of the MC going around and seducing girls robot girls on floating islands in the sky. Budget Clockwork Planet is not something you want to be called or compared to, but here we are. At least that show had some genuine pros for all it's problems compared to this.  What was the plan here? Nothing about any of this made sense and was an absolute mess. Maybe the MC and writers/author have something in common? They have no idea what they were doing and have no clue where to go from here with the story.  Not even the Dub can save you this time... It also doesn't have a good English dub to salvage some points this time around either. Josh "The Harem Man" Grelle who voiced Touya previously was replaced by Byrson Baugus for this season. While Baugus is an accomplished voice actor, Grelle's biggest strength is managing to make even some of the most insufferable harem characters more fun by his sassy and sarcastic tone he often slips into these characters. While the bad writing is also a contributing factor, Baugus wasn't able to make the MC match his persona from the previous season making it far less entertaining. Grelle's work carried the previous season for me personally, so if there was anyone who could've possibly salvaged anything out of this lousy MC it would've been him. But they didn't bring him back, and now the MC feels like a wet blanket. To reiterate, I'm not calling Baugus a bad VA (I like his work as Bell from Danmachi particularly) but you can definitely feel that he didn't even try putting anything into this one. But given how bad this show is anyways, I guess I can't blame him. I still recommend taking the English dub for season 1 largely on the back of Grelle's talent, but now with this season I don't have a preference or recommendation - they're both equally bad now.  Final thoughts: While it is still a generally unpopular opinion to give praise to this franchise, I still stand by the opinion that the first season has some merit and worth in watching for being an enjoyable dumpster fire. I even rewatched it after almost 5 years prior to watching this season just to make sure - and it suprisingly held up. It's not good, never has been, but it was at worst a dumpster fire with some genuine enjoyment to be found with how wacky and fun it was. This season however: is not worth it. It's an absolute trainwreck and disaster, just like the first season. But this time it wasn't even an enjoyable trainwreck. It ranges from boring, generic, disapointing, cringey, and is all around bad. To give a comparison that I'm sure will probably be the title of this review: If the first season was a hot dumpster fire, this 2nd season could only be described as a smoldering nuclear wasteland.  I rarely hand out 1/10's unless I genuinely think they deserve it. The last case of this for me was almost 2 years ago with The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter. Of course, there are likely a number of 1/10 candidates out there almost every seasonal pool, but I don't proactively search for those. Smartphone S2 is deserving of that dishonor because I genuinely did not enjoy a single thing about it. There was nothing gained from this 2nd season. It left behind all of the good qualities that made the initial season enjoyable that watching what it turned into felt like an insult. It's not even entertaining as a hate watch anymore either, it's just straight up: bad.  I could still recommend the first season as an ironic hate watch, but not this. I think you shouldn't have your time wasted on this. Move onto another show, you deserve better. This season would've been better off not existing for the series' brand. 

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