Alt title: Yong Sheng

Web (12 eps x 24 min)
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Fang Han, a humble family slave, always held the belief that "I would rather be a beggar than a slave", traversing the world only by himself. With an unyielding stubbornness, he cracked the mystery of supernatural powers and forged his body into an immortal body. He worked hard to step into the fairyland, and eventually became the peak king.

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I set my expectations high because i'm currently following the webtoon which adopted as this anime, that webtoon neither has fast spaced storytelling or eye catching actions but has great character development with slow but solid story line its the reason why I think anime adoption may be worth watching but in the end this anime is nonsense. The whole story of the anime first season is only cover 20 chapters of webtoon while the first two episode which give the initial impression is filler episodes that is based on incident mention in first chapter. I think is ok because they didn't change story but after that Baihai Zen & Molin Wang are designed as ugly character while the same character in  webtoon are look like idols just because they are villains especially Molin look is like young master of murim cult who in anime designed as physically challenged person (what hell of crime he did to deserve this), not only that they even mess around with character development as they like. In webtoon the author develop Fang Qingxue like a cold hearted and prideful girl who stop at nothing to attain her goal while hid her good side by always doubting the reason beyond the action of others but in anime she portrayed as a kind girl who always look  down on Fang Han for his slave status, in webtoon when fight against Molin, Fang Qingxue almost killed him but he escaped to underground before Fang Han meet her and chase him after flew out the mastermind beyond this fight but in anime Molin is the one who almost going kill Fang Qingxue but Fang Han interrupt and rescue her and Molin run from there for no reason while the mastermind behind his also escaped. In webtoon Fang Han character is like a cunning slave who's mother disowned by her family and died while told her kid to return to her family because he can't survive without other support but her family only accepted him as a slave so he stolen his mother's family martial art to take revenge against them, due to fate his  join the sect with two goal from his master Baihai Zen first: learn that sect ultimate martial art and use it to resurrect Baihai Zen Second: kill Fang Qingxue who kill him but in anime Fang Han is son of slave (there no mention about his mother in anime), for his father word he stolen the family martial art to getting out of his slave status and Baihai Zen only told him to learn ultimate martial arts of sect and present it to his sect and to kill Fang Qingxue, so what the anime team intended to do if in the future wentoon author write as Baihai Zen play a big role after resurrection. In anime Fang Han portrayed like a naive fool (man... He is like a badass villain in webtoon) , In wentoon when  Fang Han meet Fang Qingxue after he become the outer disciple he immediately called her "sister Qingxue" which impress her that his heart overcome his slave status and while in middle of chasing after Molin she say that if Fang Han advance to next major realm in his cultivation she let him marry her Qingwei then Fang Han think it would be great if he can marry Fang Qingxue rather then her sister but In anime when Fang Han meet Qingxue she ignore  his word by say "his is just a slave" and Fang Han leave with sad face but before in 3rd episode anime team mention that a outer disciple position is equal to imperial general so why he sad when he is a outer disciple now also he consistently think that he do any thing to discord his slave status while want Fang Qingxue to acknowledge that but why is not he understand he already relieved from his status and in mid-chasing Qingxue tell Fang Han that if he advance she let her father to adopt Fang Han as his son ( what the heck they try to cook... if he adopt him then is not Fang Han become Fang Qingxue brother... ). There is also lot of unnecessary death in anime who are still live in webtoon like horse snow white, Mo Shijie and Han's friend Hong Yi (hell dude... Hong Yi is gold class assassin in webtoon who sharp her fang from childhood for revenge how can she die). Finally what going to happen to Fang Han harem they already killed Hong Yi, Mo Shijie and now Fang Qingxue going to become his sister what the hell, they already don't animate crane transformation which is the main reason he named crane as crane fairy, when first watching anime it's feel there is something is missing but i don't know what is it but after re-read the webtoon i finally find out that there is nothing is missing in anime it just that anime team covered up everything in anime (compare Fang Qingxuedress dress in anime and webtoon). Totally this whole anime is like a complete bullshit and only positive point about it ithat it animation is at best quality.

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