I’m Quitting Heroing

Alt title: Yuusha, Yamemasu

TV (12 eps)
3.677 out of 5 from 6,280 votes
Rank #3,403

After saving the world, the strongest hero Leo became someone who is not wanted in the peaceful human world. He was too strong. Exiled, he seeks a job at the Demon King's Army, which he had defeated and needs to be rebuilt. The Army had many problems: too much work, financial troubles, etc. Leo starts to make things better using his power. Leo encounters Echidna again, and asks her why she invaded the human world. 


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This show is basically two separate stories mashed together in a jarring way. In the first half you have a slapstick/fantasy/daily life combination story with a human hero who is forcefully "retired" and goes to work for the demon army. Then we spend several episodes being introduced to each of the main demon cast and their personal/professional problems. Up to this point the show is mediocre and a bit cliche, but nothing bad. If this formula had persisted for all twelve episodes, I probably would have rated this a 6.5/10. But that isn't what happens. The author takes a super weird twist into almost Evangelion-esque territory with some weird existential questions including what it means to "be alive" or "have purpose". But the real problem is that the author handles all of these topics extremely poorly. To kind of sum up the problem with the writing, we can think back to the episode of Dragon Ball where Krillin is fighting Bacterian and is losing due to the overwhelming stench of the villain. All looks dire for Krillin until Goku helpfully shouts out "Krillin, you don't have a nose!" And with that, Krillin realizes the truth, recovers immediately, and easily beats the villain. This kind of scene happens extremely similarly in I'm Qutting Heroing, and it's the climax of the show. You're left dumdfounded by the sheer idiocy since it isn't meant to be comedic in the same way Dragon Ball was. It's the same kind of "just stop being depressed" trope that you see in memes... but in actual storytelling. The show and some of its fans may want you to think it's got some super deep George R.R. Martin level of story but this show is as close to A Song of Ice and Fire as Peppa Pig is. That anti-climatic climax pretty much sums up everything wrong with the second half of the show. And as such, it drops the score from a 6.5 to a 4. I'd say you could probably stop watching entirely at around episode 7 or 8 and be perfectly content with the story.  You've been warned.

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