Iketeru Futari

TV (16 eps x 5 min)
3.104 of 5 from 2,092 votes
Rank #4,526

Meet Saji Keisuke, a hormone-heavy teen who's fallen hopelessly in love with Koizumi, a supposed man hater who refuses to give him the time of day. All he wants is to get laid, but all Koizumi wants is to get as far from him as possible! With plenty of love for Koizumi (in his pants?!) and plenty of distractions to keep at bay (such as big breasted Yuki), can our hero manage to get past second base with the girl of his dreams, or is she destined to stay just in his dreams forever?

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VivisQueen's avatar
VivisQueen Feb 1, 2011
Score 5/10

In the great tradition of teaching lonely, impressionable otaku with no experience of real women that sexual harassment equals orgasm, Iketeru Futari seems one of the less offensive training manuals. It’s achievements are always middling but here at anime-planet, we also reward shows for effort. Although it doesn’t have to... read more

HimuraK24's avatar
HimuraK24 Nov 5, 2010
Score 6.9/10

            With the low score I gave this show, low being anything with a rating below 7.5, one may wonder why I even watched the show. The truth is that I wanted to watch something that was ecchi, and possessed a tsundere character. All my requests were granted with this show.            The show... read more

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Iketeru Futari
  • Vol: 33; Ch: 331
  • 1997 - 2010
Original Manga
Iketeru Keiji
  • Vol: 9
  • 1998 - 2006



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