If I See You in My Dreams

Alt title: Yume de Aetara TV

TV (16 eps x 7 min)
2.857 out of 5 from 696 votes
Rank #5,893

Twenty-four-year-old Masuo has never kissed or held hands with a girl in his life, much less had a girlfriend. Nevertheless, the school teacher Nagisa, whom he's infatuated with, has agreed to go on a date with him; and his co-worker Miho has fallen in love with him. Masuo finds himself torn between the two of them as he attempts to maintain his friendship with Miho while pursuing a relationship with Nagisa, but Miho hasn't given up on him and her continued advances make Nagisa understandably jealous. Will Mauso find the courage to turn down Miho, or will her persistence win his affections?

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Gakorak Apr 24, 2011
Score 7/10

In my long list of anime watches I've come to the understanding that weak, timid, clueless, idiotic, and down right pathetic men get the best and cutest of girls.  This goes against everything I know in real life and it sorta pisses me off normally.  I fucking hate harems.  It's always a guy like this one in If I see You In My Dreams that has no good qualities whatsoever but has all the worst and... read more

305dadegoon's avatar
305dadegoon Mar 21, 2015
Score 5.5/10

Before i give this short review let me start by saying J.C. Staff has put out some of my favorite anime's next to MADHOUSE which is basically tied with J.C. Staff as far as putting out good anime and in great varietys.......the majority of Romace/Drama/Ecchi/Harem anime's J.C. Staff have put out are some of my favorite anime's, some of them even being in my top 10 for the 4 genre's i listed, but i have to say... read more

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Yume de Aetara
  • Vol: 17; Ch: 143
  • 1994 - 1999

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