IDOLiSH7: Second BEAT!

TV (15 eps)
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The second season of IDOLiSH7.

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IDOLiSH7: Second BEAT! is NOT your typical idol anime. This anime really exceeded my expectations because it was really emotional and it had a lot of character development. The characters had a lot of depth in terms of their personality. The male idols were really well written. They were not just pretty boys with one noted personalities. Despite their flaws, they learn to face their problems surrounding them. Season 1 was merely an introduction to the male idol units. In season 2, I watched the characters mature, and grow. I saw different sides of them as they tackle the obstacles in the entertainment industry. The quality that I enjoyed the most from watching IDOLiSH7: Second BEAT! was watching Nagi and Mitsuki grow. I really saw a serious and responsible side to Nagi. Nagi really blossomed to becoming a great idol that cares a lot for his idol companions. At first, Nagi seemed to be a comic relief character that loved the thrill and excitement of watching magical girl shows, and anime. But he matured and grew so much. He helped overcome a lot of trials surrounding Idolish7.  Mitsuki also grew a lot as a person. I saw him learn to appreciate himself for his own good qualities instead of listening to people's opinions of him. Mitsuki really learned to appreciate his own talents at brightening the atmosphere, and making the mood cheerful and livelier. The controversy and criticism surrounding Mitsuki taught him to appreciate and value his own strengths, and weaknesses.  Overall, I was really impressed with this anime. I really enjoyed seeing the characters tackle their inner conflicts, and flaws. I originally picked up this anime because my favorite mangaka (Arina Tanemura) was the original character designer. It turned out to be a very emotional soap opera. 


When I began IDOLiSH7, I had no expectations, and it surpassed my lack of expectations to become a damn good soap opera. Second BEAT! benefits from an expanded cast, and builds on the relationships, motivations and plot threads introduced in the first season to weave an narrative fraught with tension, ship-bait, and insane twists. It also has my overall favorite episode— After another cliffhanger, given that episode five was delayed several months. Re:vale and Mezzo have interesting conflicts, as do Riku and Tenn. And I was surprised to realize that? Woah, Mitsuki and Nagi are super supportive of one another. Thank god, a relationship that isn't hellish. Manager-chan is Manager-chan—Iori has to cue her lines half the time, and who else is in this group? Yamato. Yama is having fun with this, I like it. (Gaku and Ryu are kinda just chillin', but whatever.) It does fall flat in some areas. The animation is good when it's there—they're not shy about relying on dubious CGi and still frames, but sometimes the character animations really spice things up, so. There ya go. The sound design is also... very boring. And repetitive. Seriously, drink every time you hear the Wish Voyage instrumental during an emotional moment. The actual insert songs are good! (Honorable Mention goes to Viva! Fantastic Life!!!!!!!, which, honestly, should make it into season three. C'mon.) If you enjoyed the first season at all, then be assured that Second BEAT! picks it up and runs with it. I totally reccomend this show.

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