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I-Machines are the general term for robots that operate in extreme environments. While Alliance Academy student Maya Mikuri is in the middle of operating an I-Machine, she gets involved in an incident with pirates, and ends up serving as a crew member on an excavation company's spaceship.

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hylton2009 May 19, 2017
Score 6/10

(Early Review: First three episodes.  NO SPOILERS) Okay, I'm going to go ahead and point out the most frustrating problem with this anime. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE PACING! The concept is great, the animation is well done, and the music is well done, but the pacing is downright irritating. The first episode goes so fast that my mind was stuggling to keep up (which does not happen often). ... read more

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redmind Aug 19, 2018
Score 8/10

The show starts of rather slow, with just an introduction of the characters. At first it seems to gloss over a lot of questions about the crew, but as the story continues, they make an effort to adress the questions the first episodes left. Sadly, no explantion is ever given for some of the mayor plot elements, like the teleportation technology. 

I did enjoy the show, the voice acting was spot on... read more



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