I Shall Survive Using Potions!

Alt title: Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu!

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2023
3.439 out of 5 from 1,538 votes
Rank #7,576

One day, the supervisor in charge of watching over Earth was taking care of a distortion, when they made a mistake that caused Kaoru Nagase to lose her physical body. Not only that, but reincarnating her into a different, less culturally advanced world is the only thing they can offer to do for her. Not one to take this turn of events sitting down, Kaoru makes a demand: the power to create potions at any time she pleases, with whatever effect she wants it to have—and it doesn’t stop there either. She asks for a magical Item Box, the ability to understand and speak every language, and the same body she had back when she was a fifteen-year-old girl. Using her newfound powers, Kaoru has to try and make a stable life for herself in a whole new world

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This show was kinda something. There's not a lot of potion-making that one would expect by seeing her go through the process of it. It's just her materializing the conjured liquids magically inside people's bodies or creating an all-curing remedy that solves everyone's problems. Characters don't feel all that relatable and they feel very off-putting somehow. There were some humor, but I think this would've probably appealed to young teens instead. I'm not too sure about their artistic choice of depicting teenagers and adults in an almost chibi-style manner, they all kinda looked the same.  Also, everyone seems to be too way out-of-touch with reality. Normally, if you were given the chance to say your last goodbyes to your family on Earth before you get iskeai-ed to another world, you would think that the family in question would be like "Noooooo, I will miss you so much, please don't leave me" and there would be a lot of sobbing and angst, but this story caught me speechless with the way the family reacted. The family was just like "Sorry to hear that, but I know you will do just fine~!" like what? Did her family even love the main protagonist LMAO? They're just so indifferent to it. Hey, so my body got destroyed and only my spirit remains because god did an oopsie by bending reality. Yeah, ok girl. Slay! Have fun in your next life xoxoxo. This is not a normal human reaction, SOBS. If you were kinda disappointed with this show, I would recommend Parallel World Pharmacy instead.

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