I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.

Alt title: Yuusha ni Nare Nakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita.

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2013
3.503 out of 5 from 8,840 votes
Rank #5,958

Raul Chaser wants to be the Hero famed for defeating the Demon Lord - at least, that used to be his dream, until another warrior beat him to the punch! With peace now restored and all Heroes out of commission, Raul reluctantly gets a job at Leon, a small store that sells magical commodities. Compared to slaying demons, Raul’s new life of greeting customers and working the register is uneventful at best - that is, until Fino Bloodstone, the Demon Lord’s busty daughter, is suddenly hired at the stop! Raul now faces a challenge more difficult than vanquishing her father: teaching the clumsy and ill-mannered Fino how to become a respectable employee, while simultaneously fending off tentacle monsters and putting up with pervy regulars’ skirt-flipping antics!

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It was better than I expected. By itself, this show has little extra compared to the best shows out there, but if you watch it like I did, expecting it to be like every other show like it out there, then you'll actually be pleasantly surprised! It comes together well near the end, and even though in the beginning I'd wanted to drop it once or twice, it was decently worth sticking it out. STORY: It takes a bit to get going, but it's actually fairly original, if not somewhat pretictable occasionally. The ending could have been better, but I actually felt like they resolved their relationships a bit before the ending episodes, which is better than I expect from harem anime. ANIMATION: It looked like a regular anime for the most part, but the random action scenes were very well done and didn't need to be extremely long to get their point across. Technically it is an ecchi as well, but it's not overdone to the point of headache like many are. SOUND: There are slight sound drops between scenes and those were noticeable, but for the most part it was pretty good. CHARACTERS: They're pretty run-of-the-mill for the most part. Not necessarily steriotypical, but not exactly extremely unique either. Fino is the most unique and she's a pretty enjoyable character, and the interactions between characters was often more enjoyable than the characters themselves. Some of them do seem to be very much in the background and can be easily forgotten. Overall it's worth the watch if you've got the time for it, and it's worth sticking through to the end even if you feel like dropping it like I wanted to. I'd write this all with a bit more detail but it's late and I'd like to sleep.


     DISCLAIMER This review is of a show that is full of fanservice, and does contain ecchi images (I had to censor them so I don't know why i'm putting this disclaimer up anyway) so if you're like young or something, lie to your internet so you can read my damn review Foreword Say hello to Yūsha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shūshoku o Ketsui Shimashita A.K.A I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job  A.K.A 2 Yu-sibu  or as I like to call it Retail The Anime. I for one am tired of this Gotdamn trend of anime titles being fucking short stories. It seems like you can't come out with an anime unless it has 20 plus sylables in the name and a nick name to call it by. But I digress, lets get started!   Story Imagine a modern capitalistic Skyrim and you can picture the world of Yu-sibu. The plot revolves around our main man Raul Chaser who was dreaming of bec-   We all know what this show revolves around. Censor cat is censoring    Click to see the ecchi photo       as you can  see the very intricate  *ahem*   Censor cat is censoring    Click the cat to see ecchi photo! story will surprise you at every trun and have you mind racing to figure out what's next   Censor cat is censoring    Click the cat to see ecchi photo! it is beyond me how they got away with this In all seriousness this anime does have a plot, BESIDES all the ass you'll see. You have to read between the lines...or in this case the cracks!  * badum tsst!*   Basically everyone worked hard to be Heros, it's was a real occupation. People scoured dungeons and slayed demons. It was all gravy until someone killed the Demon King. Everyone knows you do the sidequests first THEN you kill the boss, that's grinding 101 people! So after The Demon King is dead there's no need for heros anymore and a bunch of people lose their jobs and Raul here has to reluctantly become a retail associate cause he can't dungeon crawl.  if he farmed he would've had more resources  The story? Meh as hell but when you're going into a show with tons of PLOT it's not like you where excpecting a fucking masterpiece of writing anyway. No one looked at the title of Oreimo (My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute) and thought to themselves "The story to this anime will be thought provoking AND innovative." Not to mention that's another fucking show with the 20 sylable title but that's for another review. As for this reveiw the story gets a solid 5  Story: 5.0 Animation   The animation in this show was actually pretty decent Censor cat is censoring    Click the cat to see ecchi photo!   guest appearance from Patrick Stewart       The show does have action sequences and when they are done they're pretty good.    However you don't see the action sequences very often, this is one of the gripes I had with this anime. It needed to be more balanced I was expecting something more like The Devil is a Part Timer. They should've taken a page from their book, most of the animation is used on the plot....     Censor cat is censoring    Click the cat to see ecchi photo!   Man this show sure has a lot of...fan service!   God i'm on a roll, like butter   They may have put more emphasis into the detailing of the fanservice that they left out some action, but hey at least the fanservice is good. Otherwise it'd fall short like some other anime which I shall not name. Animation: 7    Sound    The sound in this anime is utterly forgettable. I skipped the Op after the first time i watched it, It was annoying. The voices for the show are good though and i particularly like Fino's Seiyu, Azusa Tadokoro. She brings out enthusiasum in her performance for that character and she stands out among the rest of the cast. The bgm was very basic and the music as whole wasn't anything i would care to remember let alone download. However it wasn't bad so the sound gets a solid 5  Sound:5   Characters  The crew in this show is a typical pattern we see in many ecchi animes. This isn't a bad thing cause this pattern has worked for so many different animes right?  It has the characters you'd expect from an ecchi romcom. We have the airhead, the senpai, the tsundere, the stoic, the loli, the best friend, the main. All of which aren't bad but ultimately just kind of fall flat.                   Raul Chaser:  Enter Raul, our oridnary protaginist. He has a major case of Bitch Complex like many other protaginist in this genre and doesn't know when to apply the D. Raul's actually a badass and was one of if not the best heros before the Demon King was slayed.  Seara August:  Raul's manager and the senpai character I mentioned earlier. She always has an optimistic attitude and enjoys putting Raul in sexual situations    Nova Luminous: Nova is a co-worker of Raul's and is a bit of a clutz and more often than not she's getting groped or set up for an ecchi shot    Fino Bloodstone: I bet no one expected this, the main girl of the show is the best character,very shocking indeed. Fino is actaully a demon, and she is the daughter of the Demon King so I guess that'd make her the Demon Princess. This kind of causes strife between some people cause demons and humans don't really get along. She's the best character in the show and yea sure she's annoying at times but that goes to show how everyone else is pretty lame. Judas Priest even made a song about her   Everyone else I won't go into detail about, what I said earlier pretty much sums their character up. The Stoic, The Loli, The Bestfriend yada yada.  Characters: 5   Overall   Retail The Anime just ultimately turns out to be like retail, monotonous. Even with the fantasy aspect it was never really used until like the end of the show and if they added more of it throughout the show then this could've been a bit better,  but Yu-shibu just doesn't bring too much to the table    except for that plot of course   Score: 5.5 Rating:    Animes that get this rating aren’t really worth your time. They don’t bring much to the table and frankly should just be skipped. However some of these shows have certain elements that might be worth the watch. There is SOMETHING that can be taken from this although in the end it’s still probably not worth it Recomendation: Skip it. Ecchi fan? Watch it for the PLOT As always that's your boy wiru-san's take on it. Follow me on my Tumblr and check out my channel on Youtube. And Remember to stay the hell away from woodchippers.    


Welcome to this anime review, what features especially long anime. If I would shorten it, I would name it "Working, epic edition". So, without a lot of delay, lets get to the very first point, where I have a lot to say. Story First thing, what this anime reminded me, was working. Sadly, previously mentioned name was way too awful, to even make review. I am surprised I managed to actually watch it. I did drop second season simply, because how awful the second one was. But even so, that awful anime managed to do something, what this anime complitely missed, it is called romance. So, just in case, I am gonna explain story with few sentences. Everything happens in magic shop (means it is magic world, duh), where fail-to-become-hero and failed-to-be-demon get to work together. Reason is simple, previous demon was killed, resulting hero program closure, leaving all wannabe heros jobless. Also, there is demon daugher, who also goes to the same shop and who failed to become new demon lord. Whole story is basically them & others working. So, the story itself is entertaining. I have to admit, I never was bored, as it had a way too much entertaining, to feel bored. Firstly, world itself is rather unique. We dont have really many animes, where we can find fail-heros and where the demon-lord has actually died already. So, it was rather interesting to see, what life was after that. Secondly, all the coworkers were hilarious, making story more fun to watch. It actually made me feel like the job was awesome, just because of co-workers. And the ending was very good. I actually felt that they complited story and I am fine without any further seasons. Well, there were some points I did not like at all. For example, who the hell snaps girl back with frikin paper? Where is our loved 'kiss'? Damn. So, it was good, but wasnt perfect. If anime would be only with story, without any other elements, it would had been weak, thus 5/10. Animation First thing firsts, there were tons of panty shots. I have already mentioned in other review, that there are two types of people... ones who like them and ones who dislike them. I am one who likes them ONLY, if girls look good and damn, they did look rather hot. But at the same time, there were too many panty shots, un-natural boobie movements. I would say, way too much fan-service, which made the beginning of animation downfall. Second thing I want to point out, is intro and outro. Both of them were bad. I would say that they were lazily done, animations were awful and incomplete. All the movements were lazily and hastily done. I simply skipped it every time after watching it one time, because I did not want to hurt my eyes anymore. And please, NEVER EVER put Airi into bunny costume, if you fail to make costume. I imagine, that they tried to give us more fanservice, but the bunny costume was fake, actually ruined the character and all animations about her, while she was in bunny costume was awful. My eyes were actually almost bleeding in final episode, just because Airi was there, with her fake costume. After she got new working clothes, she finally looked nice and cute. Well, if I have to compliment something good out, it would be the fights. All the kinda fighting parts were done really well. At least I liked them. And thank you for the super-hot-day episode :3. Since negative was majority over here, I cannot give it over half, thus it gets 4/10 from me. Sound Well, I did critizise intro and outro too much, so I can continue doing that. Both songs in there were rather bad. Not worst, bad still bad. They didn't even fit with theme 'demon lord and heroes'. Maybe a bit with working, but else, please. Other soundtracks were really fine though. Thank god. Remember, it was simply fine. I think there could had been a much better fitting anime. Sound effects were nice though. Voice acting, was in my opinion really good. There were some points, where I wanted to facepalm, but I managed to contain myself. Some of the voice actings were simply rather fake. But never the less, it was okay. I give it 6/10. Characters Finally something, what I can compliment, a bit. Now I think about it, I probably have more bad to say, than good... But characters were actually good. Why you ask? Because almost all females looked really nice :3. *hides* Raul is our main lead character who failed to be hero and because of that he is total emo who thinks his life is pointless and who falls in love with out lead girl Fino. Sadly Raul is total idiot, who doesn't know anything about love, thus not knowing that FKING EVERY FEMALE LOVES HER and she simply continues to be in desperate mood. Fino finally thought gives some points to live in life, but never the less he continues to be idiot, even after all the hints, what was given in anime. Also, heh as seen more female boobs then I have watched anime in my entire life. Check my anime life and add there few months, what I haven't added into lists yet. Basically, Raul has seen countless of times Fino naked body, touched a tons of boobies and stuff. He still has no feelings though. True hero. I feels stupid saying this, but even 100 % perverted guy is more real than Raul. *Actually just jealous* Fino is our female lead character, who lost his brain, when her father was killed. After this, only thing she is good at, is laughing so awesomely that it makes me laugh every time. Also, she is good at showing her naked body to raul, in every single episode... almost. While I would say she has 100% more emotions then retarded dude, who lives in emotions, she is fighting hard with Raul, regarding the love part. She pretty much gives no fuck about love and Raul watching her body. Damn you Raul! The other working company are awesome though. Raul boss is real demon lord (I would say that) and everyone else are also making episodes fun. Airi is cool, but her bunny costume is silly. By that, I mean stupid... retardedly stupid. Fino is hot though. Thankly though, I am not using my brain. Imagine if I would take into consideration physics as well? I would go back and count, how many times those boobs kicked physics ass. If I would use brain, I wouldn't count that this is ecchi anime. And because I don't use brain logic, it gets 8/10. Overall So, while this gets surprisingly low score (for me), it is still very good and entertaining anime. So, I really recommend you to watch it. Before you do though, please turn your real world brain off and turn your ecchi anime loving brain on. This way, it is gonna be awesome ride. Total score: 6/10. Damn you Raul...

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