Hyper Speed GranDoll

Alt title: Chou Kousoku Gran Doll

OVA (3 eps)
2.094 out of 5 from 113 votes
Rank #8,534

Hikaru Amagi lives the life of a normal sixteen-year-old with secret hobbies, secret crushes, and not a care in the world. However, little does Hikaru know that she is actually an alien princess from the faraway planet of Gran, and the inheritor of the legendary Royal Armor. Her bubble of normalacy is burst when she is attacked by a giant robot who is after the Royal Armor and willing to destroy anything in its way. Now with a cry of 'GRAN Change' Hikaru must transform into Hyper Speed GranDoll to save her family, her friends, her planet and the very universe!

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roriconfan May 1, 2012
Score 4/10

This is just a silly short series that combines mahou shojo (magical girls) with shonen (boys’) armored warriors. It is a nice view but offers nothing in the long run.

It never goes beyond average. We have the usual bishojo (pretty girls) as protagonists and bishonen (pretty boys) as the villains. And a school. And a teenager’s room. And some bath scenes. And a... read more



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