Hungry Days x One Piece

Web (4 eps x 1 min)
2019 - 2020
4.018 out of 5 from 627 votes
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Hungry Days x One Piece

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"Hungry Days" is a series of 30 second commercials for Nissin's "Cup Noodle" and artwork designed by Eisaku Kubonouchi. Each set has an opening and closing with beautiful sketch-styles and the actual shorts being fully collored animation. In 2019: the 2nd set of shorts focus on the characters of "One Piece" as a part of it's 20th anniversary. (episodes 7-16?) The dang Cup Noodles are back! Just from the few that's out right now, you can see how far the people behind the animation have come. Even someone like me, a person that never read or watched the One Piece series, can still enjoy the sheer talent on display. Each one has a lot more complexity than the previous set of shorts with layering the animation and transitions with references and cameos of the original series without it clashing with the modern High School setting and Youth theme. Can't wait to see how this set turns out! Ep. 8: Zoro --- {Being utterly defeated in a Kendo match, Zoro trains himself to the bone to get strong enough to win next time.} It's surprising how engaged you could get into his training montage without even realizing at first glance that he's a character from One Piece. Ep. 9: Nami --- {Nami juggles school, a part-time job, and studying to become a navigator.} Like the previous, there's so much squeezed into 30 seconds that just grips my attention immediately. The animation layering really compliments that flurry of her rushing through life. Ep. 10: Vivi (or Bibi) --- {Montage of the Crew reflecting on good times before saying goodbye to Vivi.} The first video without the layering effect for this new wave of commericals. Even though this one was good, the difference of not having that layering effect makes it hard to compare the previous 2 shorts. Ep. 11: "Paramount" Calvary Battle --- {Apparently inspired by the "Paramount War" within the series. However in this modern twist, the battle is shown as a Sport Festival Calvary Battle that looks like something from some bare-handed battlefield.} What helps this short feeling like it's such on a grand scale is the use of an equally dramatic 3D background and dynamic camera angle changes making the viewer feel involved in the fight.

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