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"Hundred" - the only weapon capable of fighting the Savages, mysterious life forms attacking Earth. Hayato enters the battleship university Little Garden in hopes of becoming a Slayer... but his roommate Emile Crossfode, who seems to know a lot about him for some reason, awakens a sort of unsettling nostalgia within him. What's more, right after he joins the school, the strongest Slayer at Little Garden, the "Queen" Claire Harvey, challenges him to a duel!

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Little Garden image

Episode 1

Little Garden

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Episode 2

The Invincible Queen

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Episode 3

Variant Awakening

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Episode 4


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Episode 5

Imitation Girl

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Episode 6

The Diva's Love Song

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Episode 7

The Captured Sleeping Beauty

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Episode 8

Night at the Lake

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Episode 9

Dragon Type

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Episode 10

School Festa

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Episode 11

Garden's Crisis

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Episode 12


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NarNeir's avatar
NarNeir Apr 5, 2016
Score 4/10

Another season, another generic harem anime with the protagonist having some sort of special power. If you have seen World Break, Absolute Duo, Asterisk War, or Infinite Stratos you will have an idea of how this will be. For those of you that have not, I would recomend that you watch the first episode of each anime listed above and decide if you want to sit through this. I would only recomend following this... read more

qwerty312's avatar
qwerty312 Apr 18, 2016
Score 4/10

I hate animes that make male characters look and act like women. I also hate when the main character is some flimsy, shaky, stuttering weird person who can't can't express his thoughts normally. This type of anime is usually reserved to be seen and made for young boys, but this story line is so played out that it's painful to watch when it's done poorly. If you have absolutely nothing else to do with your... read more

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