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Alt title: Hozuki no Reitetsu

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  • Episode 13

    Episode 13

    "Hell's Bon Festival of Lights" and "Idle Chat with the Great King Enma"

  • Episode 12

    Episode 12

    "Lady Lilith and her Husband" and "Why Monsters are so Widely Spread Throughout the Mundane World of China"

  • Episode 11

    Episode 11

    "The Samurai Who was Inch High" and "Marsh Sisters on the Mountain"

  • Episode 10

    Episode 10

    "Dinner of the Ten Kings of the Afterlife" and "Diets are Hell"

  • Episode 9

    Episode 9

    "The Ultimate Example of Ruin Through Wine and Women" and "Awash with Drunks"

  • Episode 8

    Episode 8

    "The Vulgar Battle" and "The 36 Views of Hell"

  • Episode 7

    Episode 7

    "Man and Woman and Mortal Hell" \ "Hell-Style Acupunture and Moxibustion Techniques" \ "How-to use the Johari Mirror"

  • Episode 6

    Episode 6

    "Hell Idol: Peach Make" and "The Right Arm Blues"

  • Episode 5

    Episode 5

    "The Instrumental Duo of the Mighty Rivals" and "Mental Sports Day"

  • Episode 4

    Episode 4

    "Pretty boys need love too" and "Kajika Hell"

  • Episode 3

    Episode 3

    "Hakutaku" and "How their discord came to be"

  • Episode 2

    Episode 2

    "Demons and Underwear and Crabs" and "The State of Hell, and This and That"

  • Episode 1

    Episode 1

    "Making or Breaking Hell" and "The Discovery of Hell's Mysteries"