How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Omega

Alt title: Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu: Omega

TV (10 eps)
3.639 out of 5 from 7,383 votes
Rank #3,694

After being summoned to another world similar to the game he used to play, Diablo lives a tumultuous life in this new world after he finds himself the unwitting master of Rem the Pantherian and Shera the Elf; and now, even the Demon Lord-turned-young-girl Klem obeys him! One day, Diablo ends up rescuing a holy woman who was being pursued by a Paladin, and she turns out to be the most important person in the Church. Befriending her, Diablo and the others act as her escorts until they reach Zircon Tower deep in the Demon Lord’s territory. After arriving in a new town, more difficulties arise, ultimately culminating in the appearance of a gargantuan monster attacking them! Is the self-proclaimed Demon Lord becoming a guardian deity for a follower of the Gods!?

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The second season of formerly forever alone gamer role playing daemon lord after being summoned into the game world in character of Diablo [1] he played as. This series is built around few elements and no it is not the story. First, it’s gap between outward appearance and presentation of cool badass versus inner monologues and state of character, who is just hardcore gamer, has difficulty in social situations and doesn’t know what to do. It’s similar to Momonga aka Ainz Ooal Gown from the Overlord series. Second, it’s the ecchi, the fanservice and the harem. Both elements combined lead MC to embarrassing situations, where he tries to play the cool guy. In interaction with the world, he is pretty OP. Despite his role playing and posing as a daemon lord from another world. What he does are mostly good deeds. Story is straightforward adventure with battles, where MC pretty much wins all the time. The second season does manage to put slight tension in some situations, because the enemies are stronger than in the first season. Characters are simple tropes. Goofy blond elf with large chest, her polar opposite rival/friend cat girl with small chest. In the second season they are joined by priestess Lumachina, who represents character with overly idealistic outlook on the world. She is the only character, where one could argue some character development and grasp on complexity. Daemon lord Klum from the first season stay conveniently in the city while others go on an adventure. She serves more as comical OP character. There is not much to say about them. Animation and visuals are ok. The soundtrack is pretty nice. If you are looking for some ecchi/power fantasy including simple RPG adventure or if you liked the first season you are going to enjoy the series. With that in mind it’s easily digestible series. For those who are bored of that kind series and desire something more from anime it isn’t worth the time. There are way better series around including this very same season. [1] It has nothing to do with the game if you ask. It’s just name.

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