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Alt title: Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

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Sep 22, 2019

From the creator of Kengan Ashura comes Do You Even Lift, Girl? "How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?"; an anime that will make you want to stop being a couch potato, hit the closest gym you have and do your best to get more ripped than Barnold Shortsinator Arnold Schwarzenegger.


There's not much to say about the story in this show since it's premise is fairly simple and it's not really a story-driven show. It follows the trials and tribulations of Hibiki, a highschool girl who noticed she was getting plumpy and thus she started her quest to get slimmer (yet she still eats like every day is cheat day).

Of course a simple story works in this show's favor since that's just a vehicle to deliver pretty accurate tips (save for some tidbits here and there) to train properly without hurting yourself, spiced up with some eye candy to *ahem* keep your attention.


The art in this show is the typical cute stuff Dogakobo delivers for most of the time, and it looks consistently good! Sometimes the art shifts to a more serious look for comedic effect (ie: the arm wrestling episode) and, like King Crimson, it just works. They even go as far as making the characters look as if they were taken from an 80s manly anime!


This show's soundtrack is ok and usually goes unnoticed (save for "that epic track") yet they do what they were inteded to do; improving the scenes they were played in. Both the opening and the ending were good and catchy tracks you'll keep playing in your mind for ages. If I had to choose which one I liked the most I'd pick the ending song Macho Men Macho A Name.

The voice actors did a great job too. Ai Fairouz's job as Hibiki is specially noteworthy since this was her first major role and she nailed it.


Of course a show like this wouldn't have been able to work at all if it didn't have an endearing cast. They are all equally funny to the point it's hard to pick a favourite character. Don't expect much character development though, after all this is mainly a comedy.


In short, this is the kind of show anyone with an interest in fitness would appreciate (whether you're a full-blown beefcake or someone who just started doesn't matter), and even if you're not interested in the topic at hand the characters are funny enough to make up for it. So sit back, grab your favourite pre-workout drink, and enjoy the show!

Disclaimer: This is a steroids-free review. No performance-enhancing substances were used in the making of this review.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Mar 11, 2020

Funny as hell, would watch again. 

If you're an engllish speaker,  I do recommend watching this one dubbed.  the dubbing is fantastic.

It should be pretty apparent after the first episode weather you're going to like this anime. 

The story hardly exists and frankly doesn't matter.  When it comes to the genre comedy, that's par for the course.  This is super light hearted with zero heavy topics (except for dumbbells).

The animation and drawing is surprisingly good.  While a good chunk of this anime is just your standard cookie cutter crap, that's not true in it's entirity. Not the best you'll ever see but much better than most anime coming out in recent history.   Many emotive scenes get their own special detailed drawings.  A lot of their jokes also get extra attention.  Of course, the human body is well done, especially the male body (think Baki but less grotesque).    Again... this is an anime about working out.

The educational parts are brief but happen multiple times per episode.  It's very informative...  I could of lived without it but it was well done.  If you're interested in learning how to safely work out with minimal equipment, then this anime is for you.

Who's the audience for "How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift"? I'd say pretty much anyone over the age of 15, of any sex, who can handle very brief scenes of ecchi.  Ecchi is definitely not the focus of this anime.   It's a highly relatable and one doesn't need to be into working out to enjoy this. 


?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Nov 4, 2019

This is has been awhile since I did a review on here. I just finished watching this one and it was a blast to watch. It was funny, informative, and a great watch. This is an ecchi anime but for ecchis go this one is pretty tame. Let's get the review started


The story is very basic but for something like this anime it doesn't need to have a heavily detailed story. It just Hibiki wanting to lose weight so she goes to a gym called the Silverman Gym. She meets her new friend Akemi who's crazy about muscles and working out. Her best friend Ayaka, her teacher Ms. Tachibana, and Gina Boyd the Russia rival/friend of hers. There's also Mr. Machio who I will talk about later. The anime also has tips and info about various work out exercises and how to do them properly. 


The animation was very nice to watch especially with the character's facial expressions. The muscles on the buff guys surprisingly weren't distracting especially with Machio's too. There are a few scenes that will make you laugh or terrify you but I won't be spoiling too much ;).


The sound/music was pretty good. The opening is a nice listen the thing is that the opening sequence that was going one while the song was playing kinda made it hard to listen but it's still a good opening. The ending was fine as well. Not something that I will listen but it's a good one none the less.


Let's see what the characters have to offer

(I watched the English Dub so I will be putting the voice actors names in here.)

Hibiki Sakura: voiced by Madeleine Morris

Hibiki, some of the girls call her Hibs, is a cool, determined, and a bit of a food eater at times. She could rival Goku with how much food she eats. At first she was heistant when going to the gym cause of all of the buff guys but she has gotten used to them especially with Machio when he turned buff. She also works at her brother's restaurant to pay for food. She does have this strange thing that she can do. She is somehow so strong she can punch a punching bag with "ONNNEEE PUNNNCHHH" (hehe had to throw that in. It was too good to pass up). 

Akemi Soryuin: voiced by Sarah Wiedenheft (side note: she does Tohru from Dragon Maid and Ruby from Love Live Sunshine)

Akemi is an interesting girl cause she's considered the best girl in school and richest too. She went to the Silverman Gym not only to work out but to find someone her age and that's where she and Hibiki became good friends. She has a thing for muscles and working out. She loves them very much and it's can be funny at times. 

Ayaka Uehara: voiced by Morgan Garrett

Ayaka is Hibiki's best friend when they were young. Like Hibiki she likes action movies. She has a family boxing studio that she works at times and she is ripped when she is doing it. Ayaka does care about Hibiki's weight and well being. There is one scene in the last episode that I will not spoil if you haven't seen it yet. Heads up it's hilarious 

Gina Boyd: voiced by Alexis Tipton (she also does Kid Trunks in DBS)

Gina shows up in episode 6 and she is the so called "rival" of Hibiki after she beat her in the arm wrestling competition. She's also Russia in case that wasn't clear. She does have a tendency to get sayings wrong. She also likes idols so she sets up and "idol" group with the girls and it was very strange 

Ms. Tachibana: voiced by Leah Clark (Minami Shimada from Baka and Test)

Ms. Tachibana is the history teacher at the school the girls go to and she has a hidden secret that she is a famous cosplayer. She doesn't want this secret to be revealed. She also works out with girls when she gets the chance. She also has to teacher friends Rumika Aina and Yakusha Kure.

Naruzo Machio: voiced by Stephen Fu (Newcomer)

Machio is the trainer at the gym and is very nice and informative when it comes to training and working out. He does tend to flex out his massive muscles when gets the chance. He does shrink down when he is wearing his track suit. 

The Narrator is played by Ian Sinclair (Whis from DBS) and he is hilarious. Just imagine Whis saying this stuff and it's funny. 

Overall this is a great anime to watch. If you feel the need to work out or you want to but your too lazy give this anime a watch. You will feel like working out at home when you want. There are also work out segments at the end of each episode for you to try so hey give them a shot. As they always say at the end of the episode 


8/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Oct 15, 2019

I think this is unique; the plot is very simple but the charters are well defined. The ecchi are fine and not in bad taste; overall the anime is super funny and the strong poit are the "lessons" about how to exercise, them are detailed and always funny, thanks to those the show gets to the next level and overtake what would had be a linear slice of life. I super enjoyed it and i reccomend it to everyone!

6.5/10 story
8.8/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8.9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Sep 20, 2019

If I could marry an anime, I would marry this anime.

Why did it have to end? T_T I'm in tears and left with a void feeling.

Been lifting for 6 years, Man did this anime reignite my love for going to the gym xD 

Honestly, though it will just be a chore but the opening is just soo fkn catchy, it's like a pre-workout. Gotta say love Hibiki because I share the love for shitty food. And the Ending was so T_T I recommend this anime to anyone who would like to go to the gym. It will help you see the fun in working out. SAIDO CHESTO TTTTT_TTTTT

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall