Houkago no Shokuinshitsu

Alt title: After School in the Teacher's Lounge

OVA (2 eps)
1994 - 1995
1.848 out of 5 from 866 votes
Rank #9,038

When Mitsuro Kawase starts a new job as an art teacher at a middle school, he is faced with an unexpected situation – the open and pushy advances of fellow teacher Toshiaki Kazama. Unsure about Toshiaki’s motives and his own feelings about their relationship, Mitsuro finds himself battling feelings of shame and confusion. But with the appearance of a woman intent on marrying Toshiaki - and Toshiaki’s growing frustration with Mitsuro’s indecisiveness - can Mitsuro accept Toshiaki’s feelings and come to terms with his own, before it’s too late?

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FullmetalDragon's avatar
FullmetalDragon Mar 5, 2017
Score 1/10

Oh dear god, this was terrible. Bland characters, a story that's all over the place, and crappy animation - Houkago no Shokuinshitsu is just a mess. So, the story is two male teachers falling in love. Sounds ok, and it probably would be, if the story didn't keep jumping around so much. Most of the scenes aren't properly linked, to the point where you think they may have accidently left out parts of the anime... read more

BelleThePunk's avatar
BelleThePunk Feb 23, 2011
Score 3/10

Really boring. The whole thing is like a cartoon version of a stereotypical student film.

Characters all look boringly the same. All the character's heads are too small for the bodies. The whole thing is really uncomfortable to watch. Sound effects at points were too loud and all msot drowned out the voice overs, and the wasn't many of what sound effects there were!    read more

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