Hoshi no Kirby

Alt title: Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

TV (100 eps)
2001 - 2003
Fall 2001
2.649 out of 5 from 1,834 votes
Rank #6,858

In the midst of a peaceful slumber, Kirby and his spaceship take an unexpected nosedive to an unknown planet, and crash into Dream Land! There, Kirby discovers that the locals are being ruled under the whims of King Dedede, an ambitious and somewhat cruel fellow who has a hobby of buying evil beasts for great deals – beasts which he often sends Kirby’s way due to his hatred of the pink puffball! Behind the scenes is the Emperor of Darkness, Nightmare, who controls the galaxy and manufactures these beasts. After King Dedede destroys his spaceship, it seems Kirby is in for the long haul. Can Kirby help the people of Dream Land and stay alive in the process?

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Metawolf12 Dec 8, 2009
Score 7.5/10

The story starts off with Kirby arriving in a land called Dreamland. He is confused about everything around him till he was discovered by the citizens that live there. They later became friends with Kirby and now Kirby must do his best to defend Dreamland from King Dedede and other villians. Later on in the show, Kirby gains new abilities by sucking up his oppenents and using their powers against which is... read more

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