Horimiya: The Missing Pieces

Alt title: Horimiya: piece

TV (13 eps)
4.204 out of 5 from 3,812 votes
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Relive iconic moments between the characters of Horimiya not yet adapted to anime!

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CloverWorks 2023 rom com attempts to create an entire season of shows based upon material that never made it into season one. That is quite a feat. Season one came to our screens in 2021 and was a smash hit. It was adapted from Hiroki Adachi’s popular manga that started in 2007 which (as far as we can see) is still gaining new material today. There is a lot of story to be told. It was a criticism of season one that it shoe-horned the main romantic story into the first seven-or-so episodes but then went slightly downhill after the couple started their romantic relationship. If the last few episodes of the first season bothered you then you (theoretically) will hate this. However, it is a measure of how good the writing is that “The Missing Pieces” actually stands up pretty well. The story of how Hori and Miyamura came together is just such a wonderful romantic nugget that it over-shadowed anything that followed. Yet once freed from this baggage you quickly come to realise that even outside of this story there is so much fun to be had with these characters. Of course, there is no real plot here. The story is not going to go anywhere as we know how it ends. Yet still the story-telling is perfect and the show very funny to watch. Evidentially the new material could be shoe-horned into the original season scene by scene. We would have like to have seen this actually edited together into one mega series of 26 episodes. This show is a reminder of just what a wonderful and unique character Kyouko Hori is. If you thought she had a lot of weird hang-ups in the first season then this really brings her eccentricities to the fore. This is ironic because the original story presents her as the “normal” and popular High School girl whereas Izumi Miyamuri is the weirdo loner. As the story evolves we come to see how quickly these positions reverse. However, it is the vast supporting cast and their side-stories that are the real driving force here. You end up loving these characters and enjoy their adventures in the Horimiya universe. Of course, a live action movie and TV show followed but we doubt these will be how the fans remember this story. Horimiya exists in a little bubble of its own. A text-book example of how a simple High School rom com can take on an entire life of its own whilst remaining a touching story of how love can change people. Recommended.

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