Honobono Log

TV (10 eps x 2 min)
3.721 out of 5 from 1,798 votes
Rank #2,955
Honobono Log

Based on Naka Fukamachi's illustration book, Fukamachi Naka Gashou Honobono Log ~Taisetsu na Kimi e~.  The anime offers hearwarming peeks at the lives of close couples and families.

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Normally, with an anime this short, I tend to rate middle of the road. The length of the episodes alone would make me wary for a decently high rating, mainly because I usually feel like there isn't enough content to warrent that much praise. But Honobono Log hit me in just the right time, with just the right impact, that this is now one of my favorite short form anime out there.  Story: Each episode delivers a short story of each relationship succinctly in a little under two minutes. You will delve into friendship, familial, and especially romance partnerships. Each story has its specific plot that doesn't really blur into others. If food focused episodes aren't your thing there is really only one or two that even mention this need of humans. I liked that the show branched out in this way, because if your whole premise is various love stories, sticking with a theme is just boring.  Animation: The animation for this anime was solid. Nothing too grand for something of its nature. You have the standard two frames for talking, while the subtle movements such as turning a book, coyly blocking a path, etc. being where the real effort comes in.  Sound: Barely nothing to really note here. The main song was the only piece used in the entire show, even making a cameo as a ringtone for a character. The opening was also repeated for the ending and while it is a beautiful tune, it isn't enough to cause strong feelings. I personally would listen to it just to feel these warm fuzzies again, but its nothing to base this shows strengths on.  Characters: This is where I truly feel the show went above the bar for what I thought I would be getting myself into. They feel like genuine people, with realistic emotions and reactions. I wouldn't be surprised if the creators opened up submissions for people to send in their own experiances. That is how true to human nature they are.  Overall: I really feel like this show is better than its runtime presents itself as being. Those two minutes an episode are jam-packed with genuine lines, movements, and inflections. I know that my own personal experiance is also impacting my praise of this anime so to avoid hiding behind my bias: my long distance boyfriend was just able to visit me after 3 years of waiting. So when I saw episode 2, when something extremely similar happened to us just a few days ago, my mood skyrocketed. I recommend anyone into cute wholesome romance anime to at least check this one out. It's a diamond in the rough, in my own opinion  (and yes, I know my numbers don't average out to be 10 but it trancends it :P )

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