Homeroom Affairs

Alt title: Tanin no Kankei

OVA (2 eps x 45 min)
2.402 out of 5 from 209 votes
Rank #7,874

Ehara Tokiro is looking forward to his first day as a new teacher in an esteemed all-girls school, dreaming of young and naive females being coy and flirting with him. What Mr. Tokiro wasn’t expecting was to become intimate with the sexually-charged Miyako Hase, especially after discovering the randy little minx is one of his new students! Using her feminine wiles and dirty tricks, Miyako makes a proposition to her homeroom teacher that no red-blooded male could refuse. The only question is, can Ehara’s teaching principles overcome the stirring in his loins when confronted by a beautiful -and naked - pupil?

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KiraRin Sep 7, 2010
Score 2.5/10

Story It’s been a bit of a wait, but here it is folks, the latest “it’s so bad, you *have* to watch it” ecchi anime title! As usual, I find these little gems on the behest of sothis in an attempt to cover as many titles as possible in the anime database since I would definitely not be watching them by choice. But the plethora of terrible and... read more

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Homeroom Affairs
  • Vol: 2
  • 1993

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