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After recovering from an accident, Hiyori has returned to school for the first time, and she's terrified! For Hiyori is painfully shy, and the idea of making friends, let alone introducing herself to the class, is impossible to bear. But regardless of her embarrassment, Hiyori's small stature makes her an instant hit with her peers, including the popular and attractive Yuushin. Confident or not, Hiyori's school – and love - life is just beginning...

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Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers Hiyokoi, I adore the manga of this series and I was so excited to find out that there was a adaption for it, but this honestly was a bit disappointing. It was just so short and it felt like it could of done with being a longer or just being a longer series. STORY It was a basic romance school story, but it was all over with so quickly it was just ehhhh.It was kind of all over the place and just seemed off. Luckily it still had a story hence why I didn't give it a completely terrible score, it's  watchable. ANIMATION It was fitting, for the style of anime this was, a cute and fluffy little movie that didn't take too much to think about in the sense that there wasn't any drama or intense fighting. SOUND Voice acting was good, I felt that the characters voices really lived up to what I expected when I read the manga. Again I haven't really got too much to say in this area except it was okay overall, nothing really stood out in this section like some other series I've watched. CHARACTERS Hiyori was cute, yeah she's cute...I haven't got much to say about her or the other characters in fact. Due to the lack of character development I don't feel like I have too much to say in this area, if you want more character development then you should just read the manga but the characters here were cute and fluffy just like the manga but they have no development just warning you xx -AngelBeatsYui- PS- This is for the Daily Anime Marathon for March 2016

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