History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi OVA

Alt title: Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi OVA

OVA (11 eps)
2012 - 2014
4.295 out of 5 from 3,322 votes
Rank #462
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi OVA

Soon after Kenichi's defeat of Ragnarok, the Ryozanpaku masters find out about an aliance between some of their enemies. Now the entire Ryuzanpaku dojo, both its masters and students, find themselves targets of powerful martial artists. To Kenichi's dismay, this also means his training also becomes a lot harsher. Spurred on by Kenichi's growing strength, the former Ragnarok members also begin to seek to improve their fighting styles.

Source: ANN

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Noriko's avatar
Noriko May 7, 2012
Score 7.5/10

#Note that this is a review only for the first episode of the show
Kenichi is back! I really liked the anime,and it was really funny and epic.And now it's back with a brand new studio and brand new stories. I am really excited because I heard that the anime stopped just before a very good part in manga so I was like: :C. Can't wait to see more Story (9/10)
The story is a great way to start a new... read more

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