Hinata no Aoshigure

Movie (1 ep x 20 min)
3.485 out of 5 from 498 votes
Rank #3,317
Hinata no Aoshigure

The "cute love story" follows a fourth-grade boy named Hinata as he tries to convey his feelings to his popular classmate Shigure.

Source: ANN

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AnimeIdiot14 Aug 20, 2017
Score 8.8/10

The logic in this makes me very confused.... Theres birds and 4th graders, yes i can understand the little boy having a crush on that little girl, but him runing out of school, some one would have stopped him also a 4th grader should not be able to run that far, and run that easily. The overall animatin was good and i liked the art style, this anime conveys a insparational quote for not giving up, but the way... read more

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Hutai Jun 6, 2015
Score 8/10

Hinata no Aoshigure, anime about an 4th grader falling in love with a girl, his dream world and finally finding courage to confess about the way he feels.

At first it felt strange - 4th grader? Love? I hoped I won't see too much ( as these days there's way too many things to see on the net)  but god how wrong I was. It is a cute love story.  Funny, cute, sweet, true. And I can say that this... read more



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