Hinako Note

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Hinako Note

Sakuragi Hinako has a hard time talking with others. In order to get over her paralyzing shyness, Hinako leaves her home in the country because she ends up starting school at the high school that has the drama club that she admires and ends up staying at Hitotose-sou. There, she meets Kuina, who loves books and to eat, Mayuki, who’s a bit older but smaller who’s good at cooking, and the quiet landlady with the hot body, Chiaki-san. A cute and fun drama comedy about the former girl who was paralyzed from shyness.

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My Talent Is Being a Scarecrow image

Episode 1

My Talent Is Being a Scarecrow

It Begins Here image

Episode 2

It Begins Here

Mistaken Friend image

Episode 3

Mistaken Friend

Scarecrow Heroine image

Episode 4

Scarecrow Heroine

A Kind Girl Who Isn't Kind image

Episode 5

A Kind Girl Who Isn't Kind

Maids, Ghosts, and the Stage of Dreams image

Episode 6

Maids, Ghosts, and the Stage of Dreams

The Lost Swimsuit image

Episode 7

The Lost Swimsuit

Trying Too Hard image

Episode 8

Trying Too Hard

We'll Have a Training Camp image

Episode 9

We'll Have a Training Camp

Pa-Pa-Parade image

Episode 10


From One Year to the Next image

Episode 11

From One Year to the Next

The Place We Longed to Reach image

Episode 12

The Place We Longed to Reach

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XxXSundownXxX's avatar
XxXSundownXxX Jul 22, 2017
Score 5.5/10

Story 4/10 The story opens up about a young girl called Hinako who wishes to get over her anxiety by joining the theatre club at an all-girls school in Tokyo. I thought since it was about doing theatre, that would be the main plot in the anime but in the 12 episodes they only did 3 plays and went to see one on the last episode. Not to mention but the second and third play was only shown for seconds until it was... read more

JVAnimeReviews's avatar
JVAnimeReviews Jul 20, 2017
Score 6.4/10

*This is going to be a quick review since HN is such a simple moe comedy anime. I simply don’t have a lot of things that really stood out. If I have to give something that I liked in this anime than it would be the use of chibi animation in certain scenes. Anime’s have to be really careful with chibi animation since it can be overdone very easily. But HN used chibi animation at the correct times and... read more

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Hinako Note
  • Vol: 5+; Ch: 51+
  • 2014 - ?

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