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To the rest of the world, Umaru is kind, smart, and the perfect high school student. But her brother, Taihei, knows the truth: at home, she's a bratty, slovenly, lazy girl who eats junk food, plays video games, and throws tantrums when Taihei won’t buy her manga or do what she wants! Now, in addition to working full time to support their household, Taihei must do all of the cooking, cleaning and shopping while Umaru enjoys her carefree days as an unabashed, yet secretive, otaku.

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I will be comparing it to the manga, since they are taking everything from the manga. Story For starters, this is not incestual. For some reason I've had countless people assume this would be a cutesy slice of life romance between brother and sister. This just couldn't be further from the truth. The story follows Umaru and her brother Taihei in their day to day lives. Umaru is the school idol at school, who excels in everything, and everyone loves. That old cliché. At home however, she's an anime loving, junk food binging, hardcore gamer. Her brother works to support them both, and gives his all to make his sister happy, while trying to put up with her often spoilt attitude. When I first saw that this series would be the usual 24 minutes, rather than 5 like I expected, I was a bit nervous. The manga consists of 100+ chapters, each around 8-10 pages. It's episodic so to speak, so I wasn't sure how well they would make an anime out of these scattered mini-plots. They did a great job though. Unfortunately the show suffers from the same reoccurring setup. Umaru: "Onii-chen give me gaem." Taihei: "No I got no money we are going into crippling dept because of you." Umaru: "I hate you onii-chan." *cries vigorously* Taihei: "K fine here game, guess we won't eat." Rinse and repeat. If you're okay with mindless viewing for some chuckles/burn some times, go for it. Animation Himouto is done by Dogakobo; A fairly solid studio that has a good track record. Some of their best in my opinion include: Plastic Memories, Engaged to the Unidentified, and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Now they've hit us with another anime that showers us in that Dogakobo style, but falls short in terms of content. Dogakobo has a very nice, and smooth color palette that I personally love. They usually have great character designs, and no rough movement in characters like many new studios might. Opening theme is a pretty enjoyable watch. I guess. Sound This time around, the BGM and openings aren't as prevelant as many other works. I did however enjoy the opening quite a bit, but not enough to watch it often like, for instance, Death Parade. Average BGM isn't always a bad thing though. The music seemed to fit well in each corresponding scene, and fit the mood well. I just hope they keep it up, or improve in the later episodes. OP has a nice catchy song that gets me smiling and tapping my foot. These are the kinds of openings I love. Openings like Barakamon and Working! make me giddy. Characters The one character that struck a nerve with me was Sylphynford. Not because of her attitude though. I don't mind that aspect as much since I've dealt with it through 100+ chapters of the manga. What annoyed me was her hair. When reading the manga, I always imagined her having a softer color. Peach or light pink even. Instead they give us the bluest blue you've every fucking seen. Not only that, she's the only one with abnormal hair color. Whatever maybe I'm just being rash. Umaru was exactly like she was in the manga. Which is kinda good, kinda bad. She's spoilt, lazy, and adorable. Then she has those rare moments of love and affection for her brother which makes my heart go doki-doki. But then she goes back to annoying. Ebina is her usual shy self, which I don't really mind. Shy girls have their own appeal, though it can be annoying. She's really sweet in the manga, and is still so. Umaru's brother, Taihei is my personal favorite. Mostly because he doesn't lust over his sister, but still gives her love, and does his best for her. He has many 'awwh' moments with his sister throughout the series, much like we saw near the end of episode 1. Final Thoughts Overall, I'm really impressed as to how they managed this one. For a newborn studio, they've been doing better than most well-known studios. The story is very engaging, but may not be right for some. It's a simple comedy slice of life, with feel good moments. Characters are great. Ebina > Umaru. Fight me.


At the beginning, I didn't even look at this show because of the description that Crunchyroll gave me. It led me to believe that it was another incest romance show. I really did not want to watch one of those shows. The colorful colors and the shape of Umaru also misled me to believe that. When I caught up with a lot of the shows I've been watching, I somehow decided I'd give this one a go and I absolutely love it now. And just to be clear, it's not incest.  It's pretty funny to be honest here, because of Taihei's reactions to Umaru. Umaru is so cute when she's at home. It's like she's a stuffed animal~ (not that she is, but you get the idea) Kirie was kind of scary at first but she was revealed to be a nice character later on.  It was really funny when Ebina kept slipping her accent out and tried to correct it even though nobody seemed to care. One character that stood out was Sylphynford. I thought nobody would use the brightest blue on hair. I was wrong. Her eyes are so cute though and her attitude towards Umaru is really amusing. (I like blue hair though... Anime characters should do that more often) I think the story's going to develop more in the future and it'll get even better than now. The animations are pretty nice and I think the music and the voices really fit in with the characters and the situation they're in. The characters are really nice and they don't seem flat and predictable so that's a plus~ Overall, I really like this show and you guys should totally give it a go too. It's not bad.

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