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Himouto! Umaru-chan

To the rest of the world, Umaru is kind, smart, and the perfect high school student. But her brother, Taihei, knows the truth: at home, she's a bratty, slovenly, lazy girl who eats junk food, plays video games, and throws tantrums when Taihei won’t buy her manga or do what she wants! Now, in addition to working full time to support their household, Taihei must do all of the cooking, cleaning and shopping while Umaru enjoys her carefree days as an unabashed, yet secretive, otaku.

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Umaru and Onii-chan image

Episode 1

Umaru and Onii-chan

Umaru and Ebina-chan image

Episode 2

Umaru and Ebina-chan

Umaru and Her Student image

Episode 3

Umaru and Her Student

Umaru and Her Rival image

Episode 4

Umaru and Her Rival

Umaru and Summer Vacation image

Episode 5

Umaru and Summer Vacation

Umaru's Birthday image

Episode 6

Umaru's Birthday

Umaru's Onii-chan image

Episode 7

Umaru's Onii-chan

 Umaru and Christmas and New Year's image

Episode 8

Umaru and Christmas and New Year's

Umaru and Valentine's image

Episode 9

Umaru and Valentine's

Umaru and Now and Once Upon a Time image

Episode 10

Umaru and Now and Once Upon a Time

Umaru's Days image

Episode 11

Umaru's Days

Umaru and Everyone image

Episode 12

Umaru and Everyone

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Gosick's avatar
Gosick Jul 9, 2015
Score 6/10

I will be comparing it to the manga, since they are taking everything from the manga. Story For starters, this is not incestual. For some reason I've had countless people assume this would be a cutesy slice of life romance between brother and sister. This just couldn't be further from the truth. The story follows Umaru and her brother Taihei in their day to day lives. Umaru is the school idol at... read more

NekoDesu's avatar
NekoDesu Aug 13, 2015
Score 9/10

At the beginning, I didn't even look at this show because of the description that Crunchyroll gave me. It led me to believe that it was another incest romance show. I really did not want to watch one of those shows. The colorful colors and the shape of Umaru also misled me to believe that. When I caught up with a lot of the shows I've been watching, I somehow decided I'd give this one a go and I absolutely love... read more

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