Himote House

Alt title: HIMOTE HOUSE: A share house of super psychic girls

TV (12 eps x 12 min)
Fall 2018
1.806 out of 5 from 252 votes
Rank #10,367

The three Himote sisters, Tokiyo, Kinami, and Kokoro, are living in what they've dubbed the "Himote House" in Nakano, Tokyo. Sharing the house with them are their former classmates, Tae and Minamo, and a cat named Enishi. These five unique girls live a boisterous life at the Himote House, spending their days trying to figure out how to get guys to like them. What's more, the five of them, and the cat, all have a mysterious power...

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I'll Give You Romance image

Episode 1

I'll Give You Romance

A Girl's Policy image

Episode 2

A Girl's Policy

I'm Not Scared of Getting Hurt image

Episode 3

I'm Not Scared of Getting Hurt

Tomorrow, For Sure image

Episode 4

Tomorrow, For Sure

My Favorite People are Far Away image

Episode 5

My Favorite People are Far Away

Let's Go Home image

Episode 6

Let's Go Home

A Journey Like a Prayer image

Episode 7

A Journey Like a Prayer

What Doesn't Change image

Episode 8

What Doesn't Change

The Story You Don't Know image

Episode 9

The Story You Don't Know

Knowing No Limits image

Episode 10

Knowing No Limits

Knowing No Limits image

Episode 11

Knowing No Limits

Special episode! A high-profile cast reflects on three months of Himote House image

Episode 12

Special episode! A high-profile cast reflects on three months of Himote House

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I actually enjoyed this anime, but I can tell that it really depends on what you expect from it.Himote House is a full CG, voice actresses talking about random topics comedy anime with no over-arching plot. We are introduced to the 5-character cast, who also happen to have special powers. Those powers are never mentionned again ouside of a few scenes in the first 3 episodes. The meat of the anime is the comedy derived from the characters pretending, or actually doing silly stuff (and everyone laughs whole-heartedly). It really feels like some voice actresses were put on a set and given a theme, and then hilarity ensues. It might be similar to some VTuber videos. So the animation really is only there to show their body language, as there is no action happening. I can't remember the music, that probably means that either there wasn't any, or the music fitted the scenes, which is good for a comedy anime that doesn't rely on exagerration. The opening song is really catchy though. The characters are maybe generic and cliche (which is, in my opinion, normal), but the voice-acting really brings them to life. I'd recommend this anime if you're going in knowing that there is no plot, that it isn't word-play, gag, situational or anything comedy. Just silly ideas that are shared between voice actresses characters. I like it because it's just a fun, goofy conversation between friends. Note about the rating: I conder 5 to be "ok", as in "this anime was ok, nothing exceptional, nothing bad. I feel nothing about it". So I guess I'm rating this one 6 for "It's nice fun, but nothing notable really"

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